Difference Between Play Store and App Store

How Google Play Store is Different from Apple Store?

Although both Google Play and Apple store serve the same purpose, there are certain differences between the Play store and the App store.

For users, both the stores provide a single objective i.e. installation of various apps on their mobile devices.

However, these two are different from each other on the basis of some crucial elements which we shall discuss in this blog.

If you are a business owner willing to create an app, then you also must be aware of these 2 platforms and the differences in their features.

This will help you to find out which store suits the best to launch your business app.

Apple App Store vs Google Play Store: Differences

Needless to say, the App store is the official platform for installing apps on iOS devices. Whereas, Google play store is for app installation on Android devices.

Despite performing the same function, they are quite different in terms of the build process and other features. Let’s check them out in the next section.

1. Development

From a developer’s point of view, Google play store is considered more friendly than Apple store.

The programming language and tools required by each platform for app development are not alike.

For instance, Android application development utilizes Java, Kotlin, Python, C++, and iOS apps require knowledge of Swift, Flutter, React Native, and Objective C.

If you want to launch your app in both stores, then you are required to build the same app in two different processes.

Also, updating your app on the Google play store is easy and can be done whenever required.

However, incorporating a new build or update instantly is quite difficult on the App store.

2. Approval Process

As for the quality factor, the App store definitely gets more points than Google play. The reason is Apple’s long review and approval process before giving a final thumbs up to an app.

An app gets passed only after adhering to Apple’s strict guidelines and quality standards.

The long and tedious approval process ensures that only top-quality apps are presented to the users.

On the contrary, on the Google play store, the approval process is fast and with fewer barriers. Also, app reviewing and app uploading is not complicated, unlike the App store.

This results in the presence of a large number of low-quality apps on the Google play store.

3. Revenue Model

Both the stores have the same revenue sharing formula – 70% to the developers and 30% to the store.

As per a Statista report, Apple store led the revenue game with a stunning $21.9 billion in the second quarter of 2022.

On the other hand, Google Play store generated nearly $11 billion in revenue worldwide in Q2 of 2022 through Android apps.

Statista Report Image
Image source: Statista

4. Visibility

In terms of visibility, the Apple store has an upper hand because it offers developers great visibility.

After getting approved by the company, it provides incredible opportunities to promote your apps on several channels.

In fact, it improves visibility by featuring your apps in noteworthy categories such as Popular App, Most Trending, App of the Week, and so on.

Using the right keywords to describe your app and at the same time making it unique and creative is necessary to reach the target audience.

In terms of search queries put by users, Google play is more effective than Apple.

The former runs queries by going through every single detail including the app description.

Thus, it helps users find apps quickly by providing functions similar to a search engine.

As you can see below Apple focuses more on screenshots and images by putting them in the topmost section.

Whereas, Google play store gives equal importance to the app description.

Apple App Store vs Google Play Store

5. Cost Structure

There is one major difference between the play store and the app store in their cost structure.

The cost for launching an app in the Apple store is $99 a year. However, the superior quality of the apps justifies its inflated price for submission.

For Google play store, the cost of app submission is much lower i.e $25 and it is a one-time entry fee. No extra or yearly charges are involved.

But for the Apple store, developers need to incur $99 a year to maintain their apps on the store.

6. Safety Features

Considering the strict approval process, it becomes difficult for developers to achieve a successful submission.

This is the reason for the lesser number of apps on the Apple store compared to the Google play store.

However, the strict standards and effective quality control process ensure only safe and bug-free apps are present in their store.

Since the Google Play store has fewer requirements and less strict review guidelines to approve apps, the process is faster.

But this results in an increase in the number of malicious apps on the store which poses high -security threats.

Apple App Store Vs Google Play Store: Which is Right For You?

Based on the difference between the play store and the app store, app developers decide whether to create only an Android or an iOS or both versions of the app.

In short, there are pros and cons to creating and submitting apps in both stores.

So, your job is to identify your target market and then strategize to develop an app for your chosen platform.

Even better would be to simply outsource your project to a capable mobile app development agency like Webgen Technologies.

They will save you from all the hassle and select the ideal app store that suits your niche.

Moreover, they have extensive experience to build effective and creative apps for both Google Play and the iOS App Store.

Wrapping Up

Choosing between the two app stores – Google Play and Apple iOS has never been easier.

Considering the fact that both have their advantages and disadvantages, the decision becomes more difficult.

Hope, this post is successful in clearing your doubts regarding the differences between the two stores.

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