Reasons to Use Animation in Video

Why Should You Use Animation for Video Marketing?

Are you looking to use animation for your next video? There are many reasons to use animation in the video. Do you know why? Let’s find out.

Animated videos create a lasting impression on your viewers. That’s why many companies are turning to 2D animation for promoting their products.

Plus, animated videos make your brand authentic. So, here are a few powerful reasons to choose an animation for your next video marketing campaign.

Animated Videos Tickle the Funny Bone of Your Viewer

Why are Animated Videos effective? They tickle the funny bone of your viewers. It’s a great way to convey technical ideas to your audience. For instance, you can use comic elements for complex topics and engage your audience.

Animated Videos are Cost-Effective: You can save money with animated videos. Live reels are costlier and would drain your resources. So, you can create animated videos that will give you the maximum return on your investment. 

Animation Helps to Boost the Conversion Rate: Animation engages your viewers with the content. Your audience is more likely to watch a video with animated characters. 

Besides, include a call to action button and seal the deal. It’s proven that animated video content helps boost the conversion rate of your website.

Animation Will Help Capture the Elusive Leads: How many times have you seen your leads not turning into customers? We can bait it happens most of the time. But with animated video, you can convert these leads into customers. 

Explainer videos with animated graphics can improve your SEO performance. You can optimize this multimedia content with relevant tags and win over your audience. 

Simplify Complex Topics for Your Viewers: Animated video content offers you room to improvise. It can be a ticket to stardom when launching a new product. 

Statistics show that 83% of businesses have done better with animated content. Besides, show the effectiveness of your website using an explainer video and animated content.

You Will Get Higher Viewership and More Shares on Social Media

Animated videos have an instant effect on your audience. Plus, it allows you to reach the maximum number of people on social media. 

You can use Instagram Reels to showcase your animated video content. These platforms have unlimited potential and can give you the quickest engagement.

Plus, you will get better likes and shares on social media channels.

It is Easier to Update Animated Videos

Video editors know the pain of editing content. Updating your old content is a challenge for anyone. You can reshoot scenes when you are using live-action videos.

On the other hand, animated videos are much easier to reshoot and update. Animated videos are more flexible and allow you to do a complete overhaul.

That’s why animated videos are more effective than live shoots.

You Will Get Infinite Creative Opportunities With Animated Videos

Animated videos are a creators’ medium. You can achieve the impossible with animation. 

Every element can look and feel the way you want. Your only limits are budgets, deadlines, and client goals.

Besides, it is erroneous to think animation is restricted to a specific business.

You can use animation in software development, blockchain, and LMS learning solutions.

What Kind of Animation Can You Use?

Now you know why animation rocks. So, let’s move a little deep. Do you know what the different types of animation videos are? There are several types of animation videos you can create to engage your audience.

Let’s take a quick look at them.

  • 2D Animation – 2D is one the most popular types of animation video. Here characters and scenes are created in a two-dimensional format. It is a versatile style and allows insane customization.
  • Motion Graphics – Motion graphics are ideal for companies trying to show complex subjects. They offer visually enticing animations that are quick and informative.
  • Whiteboard Animation – Most B2B and B2C companies use whiteboard animation types. So, you can’t topple the importance of using animation in video marketing. Whiteboard styles dive deeper into a product and use dynamic graphics. 
  • Kinetic-Typography animation – This type of animation video is similar to motion graphics. But here instead of graphic designs, you get a moving text. Most animators use these for sharing ideas, narrating, and evoking emotion. Plus, you can use it for lyric videos, testimonials, and advertisements.
  • Paper Cutout Animation – It is a stop-motion animation video that uses real-life characters. Each photo looks a little different from the last one. Besides, the objects continue to move. Usually, paper cutout animation uses cardboard, paper, or tight fabric. It works best if you want to tell a short story.
  • Cartoon Animation – Cartoon animation is the smoother version of the cutout animation. The movement looks and blends to make it look natural. Cartoon animations are mainly used for entertainment. But you can use it to share information, discuss processes, and much more.

Wrapping Up

These are the top reasons to use animation for video marketing. You can use them to connect with more audiences. Plus, it will help you to share stories in a shorter time. So, try it now and drive better ROI for your business.

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