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4 Significant Ways AI Is Transforming Your Ecommerce/Online Shopping Experience

Sometimes we can be so busy enjoying the benefits of a product that we do not even recognize the updates and transformative technology working behind the scenes.

You just opened up your favorite eCommerce app, and it has made a product search easier than actually using it in real life. Woah. You don’t even have to type the product name entirely.

There’s voice search and even better – suggestions with the best deals of your choice. So, how do they do it? How is your app more accurate than your partner’s? Well, that’s the power of AI. 

Artificial Intelligence has been around for a long time now. But it’s only recently that consumers and industries are noticing its benefits.

We thought of letting our readers know how AI has revolutionized your online shopping experiences over the years. We’re sure you want to keep reading whatever follows.

4 Ways AI Made Online Shopping Experiences Even Better

Here are the most notable features/services of eCommerce apps or websites powered by artificial intelligence: 

1. Image Search Option

Most eCommerce companies are rapidly implementing this feature on their shopping platforms. In fact, one of the industry leaders, Myntra, offers voice search and image recognition, allowing better results to users. The feature evaluates the uploaded image and gets back to the user with identical, relevant products. It’s essentially used when shopping for fashion and apparel. Moreover, deep learning computer vision differentiates between diverse categories and recommends products accordingly.

2. Personalization Across Different Devices

If, as a user, you have used Amazon or Myntra on your phone and desktop, you will understand it better. AI and machine learning have collectively made it possible for eCommerce apps and websites to cater to the comprehensive needs of the customers without waiting for them to ask. These technologies help analyze how different users are interacting with the eCommerce channel. Similarly, operators can brainstorm ideas for a seamless customer experience on all platforms.

3. Retargeting Potential Customers

Ecommerce businesses are usually overloaded with tons of customer data. Ecommerce businesses have started utilizing facial recognition for capturing how much time a person spends on their search for specific products. It is similar to the CCTV camera keeping a watch on you in a physical store. The information from facial recognition is stored for the future to present relevant deals of interest to specific users. It helps read the users’ minds and reduces several steps involved in shopping.

4. Reliable Product Recommendations

While users are looking for the products of their interest and requirements, AI helps businesses keep a close watch on users in different forms. All this data is used for hyper-personalization. Based on your activities on various devices, including tablets, mobiles, and desktops, eCommerce apps and websites recommend products that you may like. It is the same concept that Instagram uses to show the users relatable posts or the ones that the users are interested in.

Final Words

While we have mentioned only a few features, there are many more ways AI affects your interaction with online shopping platforms for good. You can expect some more updates in the near future.

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