Benefits of running Google Ads or PPC Campaigns for your Business

The most popular PPC  Campaigns for an online business viz., Google Ads is an effective way of generating leads and revenue while at the same time enabling you to keep a check on the outcome of the money invested in the same. 

But, for someone who is not familiar with Google Adwords, he or she might be sceptical about investing their hard-earned money on the same.

Which is why it is worth exploring the many benefits of running Google Ads or PPC Campaigns for your business before you put your hard-earned cash in it:

Efficient than SEO:

While it might sound absurd, but Google ads are less time consuming and efficient than SEO in generating results. That is because Google ads allow the usage of many keywords at a time with the extra facility of turning on and off the campaign at one’s convenience. Furthermore, apart from lending greater visibility, Google ads also permit the user to maintain a record on the performance of the ad run by him and plan the forthcoming steps accordingly. But, one should bear in mind that Google ads are usually run to gain instant results while SEO helps in attaining long-term results.


Enhance your Brand Visibility:

Google ads help in driving brand awareness by placing your ad where the users will see it. It does so in multiple ways, which include Google’s Display Network, the Search Network, and so on. Further, better brand awareness drives better SEO results.


Intensify your reach with Gmail ads:

Using Google ads and advertisers can also make use of Email Marketing. With the integration of Gmail ads with Google ads, it is easier for an advertiser to reach a wider audience with your ads. 


Performance Measurability:

Google ads help advertisers to make real-time assessments of the advertisements they run on search engines. It helps the advertisers determine – who clicked on the ad, how many leads have been generated, how much traffic was derived from AdWords to the website, which keywords generated the most traffic and leads and how much does it cost you per lead. This information provides advertisers with an understanding to determine what works for their business and what does not.


Final Words

 Hence, are a few benefits of running Google Ads or PPC Campaigns for any Business. Appoint Webgen Technologies to help you derive full advantage of Google ads by employing their expertise in the same.


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