How AI is Transforming Modern Marketing

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Modern Marketing?

Are your existing marketing strategies fail to take advantage of emerging technologies such as AI to help you level up in the race of modern marketing? Then the following article is for you. The in-house marketing and Artificial Intelligence experts at Webgen Technologies have decided to trace down the transformation brought about in the marketing industry by the influx of AI to help our audience realize the importance of the technology.

The advancement in technology results in a constantly quickening tempo of change in the realm of marketing. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence in marketing is one of the significant and revolutionary steps in the positive direction of development in the industry.

The Carefully Curated List of Advantages of Implementing AI in Modern Marketing Below can Help us Elaborate Further:

  • Predict purchasing patterns: AI technology in modern marketing focuses on behavioral marketing. While currently, the availability of a large amount of data makes it challenging for retailers to accumulate evidence and interpret consumers’ shopping patterns. AI empowers retailers to create personalized marketing approaches that will appeal to anyone who might buy their product by using deep learning such as sophisticated object learning “to find patterns inside of patterns.”
  • Enhance customer experience with chatbots: AI-enabled chatbots empower businesses to engage with their audience 24*7 and offer heightened customer experience by catering to their unique needs in real-time. Besides, from interacting with customers to receiving feedback and processing customers’ requests, Artificial Intelligence can further enable businesses to reduce downtime and cut customer operational costs. By creating happy customers for businesses, AI enables the same to leverage their marketing techniques to attain heightened results.
  • Voice recognition for tailored marketing: AI-driven marketing such as voice-enabled virtual assistants, voice search, and smart speakers help businesses leverage their sales by offering a personalized experience to their customers with heightened convenience.
  • Visual recognition: AI empowers businesses to enhance their audience segmentation by detecting features such as colors, human faces, the number of people, or particular demographics in visual ads. Besides, from finding the right content for marketing materials to analyzing ad image performance, personalizing ad content, optimizing campaign results, and more, the visual recognition feature of AI enables the retailer to do more.
  • Content & Website Design: From enhancing and personalizing the website experience to leveraging push notifications specific to individual users and delivering the right message at the right time, the intelligent algorithms of AI bring about increased conversion rates and improved customer experiences on a website. Besides, AI empowers businesses to surface the most relevant content for an individual user to leverage their marketing strategies. Further, from suggesting fresh social media content that a brand’s followers are likely to engage with to creating narrative depending on the rules and formats established by a brand to serve their audience best. AI implemented in modern marketing can transform the way businesses strategize and execute their content marketing plans.
  • Advertisement Bidding: From ad creation to audience targeting to ad buying, AI is revolutionizing the advertising industry by reducing or eliminating human involvement. Be it intelligently automating actions or highlighting performance issues and automatically manage ad performance and spend optimization, AI implemented in advertisement bidding can do this and much more for retailers. According to Markus, “AI-powered systems can help advertisers test out more ad platforms and optimize targeting.”
  • Topic & Title Generations: Generating titles and topics for a website or a blog that does not attract more customers alone but also helps a business rank better on search engine results is possible by using the automatically derived topic and title based on the intelligent algorithms of AI. 
  • Lead Scoring and Health: Integration of AI in modern marketing enables benefits of the sales engagement process of a business by automating processes, focusing sales strategies where it matters most, target marketing to the best leads, and even identifying problems that endanger deals or contribute to customer churn.
  • Customer Churns: Machine-learning algorithms of AI enables users to identify disengaged customer segments that may leave for a competitor and channel their marketing strategies for them accordingly. It further allows the business to analyze and differentiate the quick-churn customers from the late-churn customers and strategically plan their marketing efforts to attain and retain the right customers.

Hence, these are the most notable ways in which Artificial Intelligence, when implemented and integrated into modern marketing techniques and channels, is positively revolutionizing the industry. However, considering the rapid advancement surfacing in the AI ecosystem, it can be safely concluded that a professional marketer in this modern era should be ready to acknowledge, comprehend and take advantage of many more transformation in the industry that can be brought about by the emerging advancements in AI, says the in-house Artificial Intelligence experts at Webgen Technologies.

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