How Blockchain Is Resolving IoT Security Issues?

“Blockchain” and “IoT” has emerged as one of the most used and most talked-about technologies in the current market scenario. While blockchain is facilitating the data management processes of the industries around the world, IoT is simplifying our ways of living by making our lifestyle smarter and hassle-free.


As such, it is natural for us to wonder how blockchain technology, when implemented in IoT technology, can help resolve the security issues of the latter. Being faced with the reoccurring question as stated above, the in-house blockchain and IoT solutions developing experts at Webgen Technologies have come together to formulate this article in an endeavor to answer the same. Keep on reading the article below to know more about the subject.

Ways in which Blockchain Is Resolving IoT Security Issues:


Enhanced security:

By using sophisticated math and innovative software rules, blockchain technology offers heightened security by design. It is, as such, the aptest technology for administering protection for data on IoT devices and networks.        

Monitoring the communication between IoT networks and devices:

Communication between IoT networks and devices is crucial for ensuring swift functioning of the same. Blockchain technology implemented in the same facilitates secured communication with the use of smart contracts and with a robust security standard.

Safe data storage:

The network and devices of IoT technology are responsible for handling enormous volumes of business-critical data. Blockchain technology provides a secured platform to control or protect communication – taking place within the system involved in IoT.

Trust and transparency:

As a decentralized digital ledger, blockchain facilitates trust and transparency between IoT devices. It enables convenient tracking of all systems and makes the system resilient to plausible security threats.

Eliminating human errors:

IoT systems involve the human element for inputting data. That increases the risk of errors during data inputs, data theft, data loss, and unauthorized modifications. As an immutable digital ledger, blockchain eliminates all these threats from the process.

Encrypting messages between devices:


Blockchain technology uses cryptography to enhance the protection of the data stored in the same. When implemented in IoT systems, it facilitates the security of the communications between devices by ensuring encryption of messages between the same.


Hence are the most notable ways in which blockchain can resolve IoT security issues by making the systems all the more secure and transparent. The amalgamation of both of these technologies will enhance the capacity and efficiency of the whole process.


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