Benefits of E-commerce for Small Businesses

How eCommerce can Help Small Businesses Improve Their Revenue?

The pandemic has shown the benefits of e-commerce for small businesses. Surprisingly, a large proportion of small business owners are still missing out on this opportunity. 

According to a CNBC survey, 45% of business owners said they don’t have a website.

Today, most shoppers prefer to buy their goods online. That’s because e-commerce offers discounts, promotions, and lower prices on most products. 

So, Let Us now Look at the Role of eCommerce in Promoting Small Businesses

  • Low Setup Cost: E-stores are easier to set up and run. It is one of the most crucial parts of an online store. A brick-and-mortar shop requires physical space, but you can build your e-commerce store anytime. Besides, location is also important for any physical store. E-commerce needs little operational cost. You will need to hire the best e-commerce app development company to get things rolling. So, you will save a lot of money through an online store.
  • Open 24X7: You can’t keep your physical shop open 24 hours a day. But e-commerce stores are open 24X7X365. So, small business owners can chunk in a lot of profit by going online. Plus, you don’t need to worry about serving global customers. People can shop from your store anytime. It gives you a great window of opportunity.
  • Faster Sale: Customers spend less time buying goods online. An e-store helps to filter out products and choose the one you need. Searching for any item becomes easier when you buy online from an e-store. That’s why you can’t ignore the importance of e-commerce in modern business.
  • Budget-Friendly Advertising: E-commerce offers different ways to market your business. It is quick and affordable. Plus, it gives you an option to highlight your products by adding videos, images, and infographics. Besides, you can create customized coupons by studying customer behavior. E-commerce also gives you insight tools to analyze customer behavior and group orders.
  • Flexibility to Customers: It is easier to promote an online business with e-commerce. Plus, it offers greater flexibility to the customers. They can add products to the cart and purchase them later at their convenience. Besides, customers enjoy free shipping over a minimum cart value. Unlike physical stores, customers can send their feedback through social media channels. Thus, it offers room for improving an e-commerce website.
  • Easier to Track Visitors: It is easier to track the number of visitors using your e-commerce website. You can use Google Analytics to see the pages they are searching for and improve your storefront accordingly. It is difficult to get statistics like visitor information when you have a physical store.
  • Better Communication: A customer leaves his email address after making a purchase. You can start a conversation with the person using email marketing. It lets you send weekly mailers, promotional offers, discount coupons, and share stories. However, you should be an expert in writing professional emails to customers. So, hire expert email marketing services to do the work for you.
  • Automate Customer Support: Every business needs to deal with customer complaints and feedback. However, most customers don’t want to visit the store and solve their problems. That’s why you can’t undermine the role of ecommerce in promoting small businesses. But most customers are happy to lodge an online complaint or share feedback about your store. So, you can automate feedback forms and grievance redressal forms inside your e-store. It will allow your customers to send feedback or lodge complaints 24X7.
  • Larger Marketplace: Physical stores have geographical limitations. Small businesses can utilize e-commerce stores and reach out to a global audience. So, e-stores have a larger marketplace and help you to reach international customers. Your business will receive better recognition and reap the benefits of a constant presence.
  • Easy Payments: You can pay via UPI, net banking, cash on delivery, EMI’s on credit cards at an online store. Yeah, we can argue that physical stores also accept these payment modes today. But there is a catch. You are doing it from the convenience of your couch. Plus, you can benefit from the cart recovery feature. For instance, if a buyer doesn’t complete a transaction, you can notify them through push notification. 

Tips to Improve Your E-commerce Business

Before the closing notes, let us look at a few tips to help you earn more from an e-commerce store.

  • Write regular blogs
  • Use shopping ads
  • Design awesome snippets
  • Automate marketing emails
  • Invest in a good PIM software
  • Benefits from search marketing
  • Hire top-tier e-commerce developers

Closing Thoughts

There are endless benefits of e-commerce for small businesses. However, you should always give top priority to your customers. Answer their questions, keep reviewing feedback, and improve your sales strategy. It will help you to earn more customers and boost the ROI of your business.

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