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How to Design a Social Media App – Creoyou

Did you come across the Creoyou app? Are you wondering how to design a successful social media app such as Creoyou for your business? We can teach you how in whatever follows below. Keep on reading to learn more.

As a popular medium of communication in this digital era, Social Media App has emerged as an asset for a business. It provides the enterprise a promising market to promote its product and services. 

The expanding demand for social media apps has led to the sprouting of numerous social media apps of all varieties to cater to the audience from all walks of life. Yet, not every social media app that appears on the internet becomes a success. 

While many factors may be contributing to the downfall of a social media app, social media app design can unquestionably be detrimental to its success.

Recognizing the same, the in-house app designing experts at Webgen Technologies have curated a list of social media app designing essentials below to help our audience put their best foot forward when developing a social media app.

Social Media App designing essentials features:


  • Profile: It should allow the users to conveniently create their profile with basic details such as their name, location, and photo, and more.


  • Posts: Sharing a post is an essential feature of a social media app to help the users connect. An efficient social media app should allow its users to publish a post with heightened convenience.


  • Notifications: A social media app design should allow the users to receive ‘notifications’ about updates or things they have been ‘tagged in.’ While further receive updates on their mobile phones without having to log in to the app through the option of push notifications.


  • A search bar: This feature is essential for ensuring the user’s convenience of finding the people, pages, topics, or groups they like.


  • Friending options: The design of a social media app should allow the user to add people to their friend list to see their updates on the newsfeed.


  • News Feed: The central piece of a social media app, the news feed design should allow the users to view the updates of friends, people, and groups they are following.


  • Chat/Messaging: The design should allow the users to communicate with one another while ensuring end-to-end encryption of private messages.


  • File uploads: This feature should enable users to upload video and image files and sorts.


  • Resource library: The proprietor of the platform should have a central location for storing relevant content assets such as videos or PDFs for future distribution in suitable spaces.


  • Groups and subgroups: The design should allow users to create groups and subgroups to engage with your platform.


  • Moderation tools: Implementing an effective moderation tool design in a Social Media App such as shadow banning and editing comments are essential for eliminating any harmful activity on the platform.


  • Livestreaming: Popular among social media users, live streaming allows users to connect with an audience in an exceedingly prompt manner. It further enhances the opportunities for product and service promotion. That makes an essential designing element of a social media app.


  • Customization:  The social media app design should allow the proprietor of the platform to conveniently customize the appearance and feel of a social network to fit their brands, such as adjusting the color, logo, domain name of the platform, and more.


  • Security: For boosting the popularity of a platform, the design should ensure that the app is safe and provides the benefit for data to be maintained and regulated by the proprietor of the social media app.


  • Analytics: Social Media App design should include efficient and effective analytics to help the platform owner provide an enhanced user experience. Besides, it will help you make the necessary changes to the app as per the user behavior.


  • Admin Access: Admin access included in a social media app design enables the platform owner and other assigned admins to manage the site, block unreliable users, and perform other administrative functions.


  • Monetization: Implementing an active monetization option in the social media app design is vital in today’s world. It will attract both businesses and individuals to participate in your platform. 


Apart from the above-stated essential designing features of a successful social media app, the in-house expert app designers at Webgen Technologies further suggest adopting clean design while ensuring the convenience of communication to the users. Besides, they further advise the platform owners to opt for minimalistic navigation design, maintain consistency in a social media app design, opt for round design elements and focus on user personalization and color uniformity.

When done right, no sprouting social media app can face the dooming fate. Experienced app designing and developing companies can help you achieve your goals.


Do you need professional assistance to develop a popular social media app such as Creoyou? Contact Webgen Technologies today!

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