The debate between the effectiveness of traditional marketing over digital marketing and vice versa is an on-going affair. While conventional marketing experts view it as the most effective means of enhancing sales, novel marketers place a considerable amount of trust on the usefulness of the latter.

In the article below, the in-house specialists at Webgen Technologies have curated a list consisting of the pros and cons of both forms of marketing. It is an effort of digging deep into the subject and provide some substantial amount of pointers to come to a reasonable conclusion of the same.


Advantages of Traditional Marketing:


Familiarity and tangibility: The aspect of the tangibility of traditional marketing such as print advertisement gives a sense of accomplishment to the brand. 

Hyper reach: Traditional marketing technologies such as broadcast advertisements helps brands to reach a large population across many demographics.

Easily understandable: The marketing tools used in traditional marketing such as print ads, television ads and radio ads and more use the most common language to market brands. That makes it easy for the audience to understand the campaign and make an informed decision without any thorough expertise in the field.

Enhanced Local Reach: The means of traditional marketing such as local radio, newspaper, and local television channels, allows brands to target local audiences with unrivaled efficiency. 


Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing:


Familiarity and tangibility: Currently, acquiring placements in print media for ads are easily attainable. That leads to the diminishing of brand value as big brands and small brands are placed against each other. 

Expensive: Traditional marketing tools such as radio and television advertisements inquire higher cost as compared to online marketing. 

Lack of targeted reach: Traditional marketing, although, allows the brand to reach a wider audience, it fails to reduce it to a range of targeted audience.

Hard to assess: Since traditional marketing techniques focus on a wider undefined audience, it makes it challenging for the brand to evaluate their marketing efforts accurately.

Less engaging: The marketing content of this form are focused on attracting the attention of passive marketing techniques and are scarcely engaging.


Advantages of Digital Marketing:


Targeting niche audiences: Digital marketing tools such as Facebook ads and more, allows the marketer to define their target audience precisely.

Engaging and Tailored content: Considering that the marketers can determine their target audience, they are further empowered to tailor relevant content as per the needs of their audiences.

Enhanced accessibility to the content: The recipients of the online marketing content are given the liberty to access the content from a convenient medium such as a desktop or a mobile phone. That is made possible owing to the ability of digital marketing to operate through a range of platforms and mediums.

Convenient assessment of ROI: Digital marketing means employs robust analytic tools to assist them in evaluating the outcomes of their efforts in the ROI of the business.

Across industry usability: Digital marketing tools can be employed by all businesses to enhance their sales and obtain better ROI from the same.


Disadvantages of Digital Marketing:


Negative feedback: With the focus on customer engagement, digital marketing techniques often boosts customer feedback. However, multiple negative feedback from the customer diminishes the brand value and negatively influences the overall business.

Necessitating expertise in the field: Digital marketing concentrates on furnishing relevant information to their customers. That compels the marketer to obtain a level of familiarity with the field to be able to deliver quality content.

Swiftly evolving rules and regulations: Search engines regulate the process of digital marketing. However, the precepts defined by the same are subject to change as per the requirement of the technological developments that take place. That makes it challenging for marketers to keep up with the evolving trend in the field.


Hence, are the pros and cons of both traditional and digital marketing techniques carefully curated by the in-house experts at Webgen Technologies. Thoughtful consideration to the same will enable you to make an informed decision when choosing between both.

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