Restaurant App Development: Features and Opportunities

Restuarant app, although already in business for years now, have gained a moment in the recent past owing to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Besides, technological advancements have resulted in the rapid transformation in the business of delivering restaurant foods. As an enterprise owner in this competitive era, one has to be mindful of the latest mobile app development trends in the industry. That will help the enterprise to derive higher ROIs for the firm with an informed decision-making process. Webgen Technologies, being the top mobile app development company in Kolkata, understands this. We have curated a list of the must-have features and opportunities of restaurant app development as stated below by the industry experts themselves to help guide our clients who have or are planning to develop their restaurant app sometime soon.

Must-have features of a restaurant app:


  • In-app ordering, table reservation, and online payment options: These features are all about enhancing the convenience and customer experience of your app that will, in turn, drive higher returns for your business.


  • Location-based services: This will ease the job for your staff while help you demark your service territory. Besides, customers can order from the restaurant by considering the location that will, in turn, affect the delivery of the food ordered.


  • Loyalty, rewards, and discounts: This feature will allow your business to attract and retain customers.


  • Multiple platform compatibility: Multiple platforms and device compatibility is essential for enhancing the convenience of accessibility of your app. Doing the same will most definitively positively affect your business.


  • Digital restaurant menu: This feature will ease the job for your customers as they can see the menu as they order.


  • Customer review: While restaurants cannot note the feedback of each guest for the reference of their future customers, a customer review feature of a restaurant app can do just that while further creating credibility of their enterprise in the market.


  • Kitchen and Staff Management: This feature allows the restaurant owner to manage both his staff and his kitchen from a single platform in an app. Besides, the restaurant app is highly efficient for streamlining business processes.


  • Social sharing feature: It is one of the essential features of an app and more so for a restaurant app, considering that in this world of social media sites, everybody needs to share and see the updates of their mates and more to know about the latest must-try things and places around them. Food and restaurants are no different. Besides, social sharing further does the job of advertising and branding for your restaurant.


Opportunities in Restuarant app development:


  • Predictive ordering: With AI and the advancement in data science (analytics specifically), industry experts believe that predictive ordering will inevitably be part of the future of restaurant apps around the world.


  • Drone delivery: The all-round development in science will allow restaurant owners to deliver their food to their respective clients with the help of a drone while the human workforce will be engaged in more complex tasks.


  • Virtual tour of the restaurant to book a table: AR and VR technology will allow the app users to take a virtual trip to the restaurant before booking a table for their special meal. 


Hence are the most notable features that a restaurant mobile app development company must keep in mind before developing apps for food and dining businesses.


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