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Top Web Design and UI Trends for 2021

User Interface (UI) serves as the foundation for determining the success of a website. When rightly done, UI can help extend the customer base by enabling the audience to connect with the website. Web design does not merely fill a website with aesthetically pleasing design elements. It further increases user involvement, perfects functionality, and creates a strong link between customers and a website. 

Considering the same, the in-house web designing experts have curated a list of top web design and UI trends to look for in 2021 to stay abreast in the industry. Keep on reading the article below to learn more.


Web Design and UI Trends to follow in 2021:


Immersive 3D element: With the gained momentum of VR and AR technologies, hyper-realistic 3D design elements are the hottest web design trend of 2021. Besides, apart from embellishing the site, the practice encourages the heightened performance of a website UI to help load these 3D visuals fast and retain visitors longer on the website.


Voice User Interface: Already in use, Voice User Interface furthers a human-centered element to a web design. Besides, it also enhances the personalization factor of the design – allowing the users to better connect with the website.


Photograph with graphics: Protruding graphics onto the images is another popular UI trend that should dominate the industry in 2021 say the experts. While creating fascinating visuals for the website, they further contribute to the flexibility of web design by allowing it to adapt to different business segments at a redoubled convenience.


Immersive fullscreen performance: It is another popular UI trend that will dominate the industry, considering that the immersive full-screen display is efficient for keeping the users engaged, interested in a website while removing distractions that could cause the users to leave the website.


Motion graphics: While drawing the user’s attention, making transitions fluid, or explaining complex procedures with heightened ease, motion graphics in a web design can do that and more. That is why it is one of the popular UI trends of 2021.


Device synchronization: Ensuring consistent and synchronized experience across various devices is significant for a website to succeed in 2021 as it was in the past years. Apart from acknowledging the fact that users tend to visit a website from various devices, it further boosts the convenience of accessibility of the same.


Dark Mode: It is one of the most trending UI practices for both desktop and mobile devices as it confers an ultra-modern look to the website while further highlighting and popping other design elements. Besides, it contributes to preserving device battery power and decreasing eye strain in low-light conditions.


Design for speed: With 5G technology coming into practice, no website can afford to lag in speed. The need for faster loading time encourages an increase in design elements that contribute to the reduction in speed.


Hence are the most notable web design and UI trends that would dominate the market in 2021, as observed by the in-house web designing experts at Webgen Technologies. 

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