Why Blockchain is Important for Business?

Blockchain technology ever since its introduction in the market has created quite a buzz. With market pundits recommending its implementation in the management process of a business, it is entirely reasonable for one to inquire its influence in ensuring the success of a company at such an unpredictable and technologically dependent world.

To serve its readers to proceed to a well-informed decision in the matter, the in-house specialists at Webgen Technologies have resolved to commit this complete article in an endeavor to acknowledge the same.

Blockchain technology in business processes:

With several developments taking place in the technological world to aid humans in all walks of their lives, businesses of all sorts have been adopting a range of technologies to enhance their management processes. Implementing blockchain technology in the transaction processes of a commercial enterprise is an example of the same.


Benefits of Blockchain technology in a business process that every company can reap:


Time effective: Blockchain enables businesses to perform transactions in real-time, which otherwise would take several days to complete. For instance, the business transaction such as a letter of credit that customarily takes days to go through can be made instantaneous with the usage of blockchain technology. It enables companies to keep track of their manufacturing process, assembly, delivery, and maintenance of products with the different parties in the supply chain.


Cost-effective: Blockchain allows businesses to carry out both internal and external auditing in the business network simultaneously and with ease and efficiency. By doing so, it empowers businesses to remove the intermediaries in the process, such as the overheads and cost intermediaries. That leads to the advantage of the cost-effectiveness of implementing blockchain technology in business processes that every company can reap. 


Reduces Risk: Blockchain technology is immune to modification of the data. The encrypted feature of the technology ensures the enhanced security of the data. The non-temperable, decentralized ledger of the technology exempts the supply chain from the human error. Besides, the decentralized form of the digital ledger that makes it easily recoverable, traceable, and verifiable. Further, the technology is exempt from the risk of duplicate entry and fraud owing to the requirement of various consensus protocols while updating an entry.


Boosts Trust: Blockchain empowers seamless and transparent storage and share of supply chain information throughout the organization. It allows end-to-end traceability of the supply chain, further, facilitating the correction of errors at any level of the operation. Besides, the transparency and decentralized feature of this technology improves the trust of the firm and makes it immune to possible errors. Further, it ensures consensus of all ledger participants resulting in heightened trust verification.


Global transactions: Transactions enabled by using the blockchain technology allows businesses to settle and clear transactions in a single network. Additionally, the technology supports all type of currencies which further facilitates the readiness and effectiveness of the global transaction process of a business organization.


Smart contracts: The smart contract feature of blockchain technology empowers companies to pre-set the conditions of the contract. Further, blockchain facilitates the transparency, accessibility and non-changeable feature of a contract.


Hence are the most fundamental ways in which a blockchain can improve the management process of a business. As the technology expands and includes further addition to its benefits, it will likely and positively affect businesses worldwide. 

Considering the above points, one cannot ignore the significance of blockchain technology for businesses in this highly technologically dependent era.

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