Social Media Marketing for Businesse

Why do Businesses use Social Media for Marketing?

Social media has emerged as an ever-growing and all-dominating ecosystem in the recent past. From sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information through the building of virtual networks and communities to building relationships, sharing one’s expertise, increasing one’s visibility, educating oneself, or connecting anytime with anyone across the globe, social media has played a significant role in creating a global village.

Considering the potential of social media platforms, businesses around the world are quick at noticing the advantages of using the medium for marketing and increasing sales of an enterprise in this modern era. However, there are many among us who are yet to recognize the opportunities that social media marketing brings about for an enterprise.

That is why the in-house experts at Webgen Technologies have carefully curated the article below to help our readers achieve their business goals in the most efficient, convenient, and cost-effective manner. Keep on reading whatever follows to learn more.

Current Marketing Trends:

Artificial Intelligence, Programmatic advertising, Chatbots, Personalization, Video marketing, Influencer marketing, Visual and voice search, social media stories and messaging, Social commerce, and more are a few of the current marketing trends dominating the industry.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a part of digital marketing and can be used singularly to bring positive results for a brand. It involves marketing services and products by taking advantage of social media platforms to advertise their content to a highly targeted audience. It empowers a brand with greater reach, cost-effective, and result-oriented marketing mode. Marketing through social media stories and messaging or selling a product via social commerce also falls under the umbrella of social media marketing.

Ways Businesses Can Benefit by Using Social Media for Marketing?

  • Showcasing a brand: Social media platforms are an effective and inexpensive marketing channel for creating brand awareness, relationship building, or driving new sales. Optimizing the social media profiles and curating and composing the right content for the right audience, these social media channels help a brand attract the right customers with relevant information at the right time. In turn, allowing businesses to showcase their product or brand to potential customers at apt times.
  • Creating a loyal customer base for a brand: Social media platforms empower brands to create an emotional connection with their customers through personalized content, a proactive online community in the form of a group, and so. Besides, social media platforms further enable brands to be more responsive in their conduct, share positive customer reviews, or keeping the customers in the loop.
  • Enhanced customer service: From providing easy brand accessibility to helping the customer identify emotionally with a brand, social media marketing when done right, can help a brand achieve all that and more. Besides, social media marketing further helps in increasing brand trustworthiness by ensuring the customers can receive solutions to their queries or assistance when needed.
  • Augment digital presence: Interacting on social media platforms help a brand create a robust digital presence online. It further enables them to tap into the global market and reach a vast range of audiences that may become their customers in the future.
  • Generate lead: Social media platforms are significantly effective for generating leads with minimum cost. Besides, it further enables a brand to retain these leads with consistent customer service and higher exposure.
  • Improve SEO ranking: Search engines give higher exposure to social media content, allowing brands to achieve higher SEO ranking with their social profiles.
  • Expand sales and reach: Since social media platforms are used by global audiences, it empowers brands to expand their sales and reach wider audiences with their social media marketing strategies. 
  • Reduce marketing cuts: Unlike traditional marketing channels such as print marketing, direct mails, or direct marketing, social media marketing are effective and inexpensive.
  • Enhance accessibility: With messaging apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp gaining popularity among general audiences and brands alike, it is one of the best ways of enhancing the accessibility of a brand in this digital era. Besides, these social media platforms further enhance the personalization factor and add value to the user experience for a brand. From providing support and assistance to delivering information or involving people in events, social media platforms allow the brand to be highly accessible for the users and keep them engaged with the recent happenings.
  • Constant engagement with prospects and followers: Social media platforms enables brands to keep up with the responses and feedback of their prospective customers on these networks. That further helps brands respond to their customers as per their specific needs. That, in turn, increases sales for a business.

Future Social Media Marketing Trends to Look for:

  • Short Video: Already popular, short video content by brands, products, and services such as Instagram reels will be dominating the market in the coming years.
  • Social Commerce: With social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allowing brands to create shoppable posts and encouraging visual commerce, social commerce will be another dominating social media marketing trend in the future.
  • Augmented Reality: Social media platforms are allowing users to create numerous filters using Augmented Reality. Brands are already utilizing the option to create customized brand filters for users to use in their posts and general content.
  • Personalized Marketing: Social media platforms uses advanced analytics to enable brands to tap into the power of data to provide a unique experience for the customer based on the same. The trend will be ruling the market in the future.
  • Live Streaming: Live video facility provided by social media platforms enables brands to connect with a vast range of audiences and talk about their product and services. It will be one of the significant social media marketing trends to look for in the future.
  • Content Supporting a Cause: With audiences constantly engaging positively with varied causes that affect their lives or surroundings, they assume brands and influencers to be vocal about their opinions and support a cause they relate with as per their brand.
  • Self-aware Marketing: Brands are encouragingly tending towards owning their marketing flaws or simply being vocal about their shortcomings and using them to their advantage. Social media marketers realize the potential of the same and are of the opinion that the trend is here to stay for some years to come.


To conclude, a business, irrespective of its size, cannot afford to ignore the potential of effective social media marketing in driving positive results for an enterprise and the brand as a whole in this highly competitive digital era. Being aware of what goes into creating successful social media marketing strategies by consulting the industry experts such as the in-house professionals in Webgen Technologies can come in handy in their endeavor.

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