World Youth Skills Day 2020

We live in a country where the youth comprises the majority of our population. Considering the same, the contribution of this section of our society to the economic well-being of the nation is substantial and significant. Besides, the current happenings around the world, namely the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, that caused economic disruption has further accentuated the significance of this group of our society.

The Webgen family recognises the need for generating awareness among its audience to make them able to do their part to uphold the future of the youth generation of the country who are in turn going to brighten the future of the nation. In consideration with the same, the in-house experts at Webgen Technologies have decided to devote this entire article to the subject.


Why do we celebrate World Youth Skills Day?

By adopting a resolution by the United Nations General Assembly made in December 2014, the world recognises Youth Skills Day on 15th July of every year. On this day, the stakeholders, along with the educators, appreciate and honour the significance of furnishing young people with facilities and training for vocation, suitable employment and entrepreneurship.


Why is it important?

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, many businesses have come to a halt. Unemployment has become rampant as companies are forced to work from home or not operate at all otherwise. It has become imperative for businesses to adopt digital methods and mediums to operate their companies smoothly at such uncertain times. However, as most of the industries in the country are still adhering to old employees who are skilled in manual business operation have failed to put forth an efficient business continuity plan for such occasions. If the youths, with the technical and vocational skills, were given a chance they might have safely rowed the business boats of those companies amidst such stormy market situations.

Hence, businesses must recognise the necessity to encourage and promote technical and vocational skills training for youths to secure a better business future. Besides, youths face an increased level of unemployment or job that allows a low standard of living. Providing with the facility and necessary training to be able to choose the right job for themselves seems only fit for the nation to focus on at the moment.


How does Webgen Technology encourage Youth Skill training and development?

Webgen Technologies, as an established and reputed IT firm in the industry, has always endeavoured to favour skilled youths with impressive job opportunities. Besides, we further focus on equipping the young employees of our firm with experienced guidance and technological knowledge from the seniors of each department. In doing so, we allow them to have practical knowledge of their field while also help them earn in the process.


Hence as a member of the growing nation, we the member of the Webgen family wholeheartedly support and promote youth skills education and training. We further encourage young talents to approach us when looking for a job opportunity that helps them learn and grow to become exceptionally skilled in their fields.

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