Augmented Reality And The Future Of Education

Augmented Reality has been a catalyst in bringing revolution into global industries. Enhancing our vision, hearing ability, and the capability to feel, AR can be categorized based on various technologies such as marker-based AR, markerless AR, projection-based AR, and superimposed AR. That makes AR extensively useful for numerous industries.


While many more industries are leveraging AR to streamline their business processes, as an education app development company, we can safely say that analyzing its role in revolutionizing the education sector will be an endeavor of worth.


Considering the same, the in-house experts at Webgen Technologies have curated a list of ways AR will impact the future of education.


Ways in which Augmented Reality will impact the future of education:


Virtual Teachers:  With AR-aided educational materials, education is not restricted to traditional classrooms. AR empowers students to acquire education from anywhere around the world with AR-based virtual teachers. That will further help learners practice their skills as if they were in a real-life setting.


Augmented Classrooms: The traditional classrooms restrict the learning process to the instructor’s expertise in explaining intricate concepts with enhanced efficiency. With Marker-based AR apps, students can scan their textbooks, after which the app will demonstrate illustrations on complicated theoretical explanations, making the experience illustrative and engaging.


Virtual examples: With 3D interactive modeling and object recognition, AR makes abstract topics come to life while empowering students to perform physical experiments in a virtual world with 3D simulations and more.


Interactive learning games: AR-enabled apps with interactive learning games have revolutionized the ways children read books, look at art and posters, learn science, and conduct classroom lab experiments. Besides, game-based digital elements have the power to intrigue students. AR-based learning games empowers students to learn in a fun and engaging manner with engaging special effects and new experience.


Engaging lesson plans: Augmented Reality in education enables teachers to deliver lessons in a better way. With AR, teachers can begin with easy-to-understand topics, gradually focus on more complex ones, and allow students to scan 2D images in a textbook and convert them into 3D interactive models. That will further enhance the student’s engagement in the lesson with simulations and let them practice until they become fully versed.


Practical Knowledge at AR labs: Traditional schools may fail to provide physical labs to their students to perform practical experiments, limiting their scope of physical demonstration. AR empowers students to perform practical experiments without a lab.


Hence are the most notable ways in which Augmented Reality is expected to revolutionize the future of education in the years to come. However, the list given above is not exhaustive in itself, and industry experts such as the in-house AR solutions developer at Webgen Technologies may add to the list with future innovations taking place in the industry.


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