What Is Bounce Rate? How to Quickly Improve It?

Have you ever been to a shop, browsing through the products but at the end left empty-handed? The reason for which you would do that may be many that can range for unattentive customer service, ill display of products, lack of convenience for availing products or checking out with ones you choose to buy.  

Similarly, the reasons for your audiences to leave your online store without making a purchase may be many. Since websites are nothing but an online store for your firm, an audience leaving your site without making a purchase is indeed negatively affecting your business. The act of abandoning a website without taking a call to action is known as the bounce rate. 

Bounce rates are a real problem for every website. To reduce and improve the bounce rate of a website, the in-house experts at Webgen Technologies have created a list below.


Ways to Quickly Improve and Reduce your Bounce Rate:


Pay attention to your content readability: Reliable and engaging content is the best way of attracting audiences to a site. However, when content is hard-to-read and complex, it drives away the audience. Besides, lousy formatting further contributes to higher bounce rates. A website needs to ensure the readability of contents to hold on to its readers on the site.


Ensure better UX: User experience plays a vital role in determining the bounce rate of a site. Unwanted and regular pop-ups lead to a higher bounce rate. Ensuring better UX will help in reducing bounce rates.


Create a Compelling Call-to-Action: Call-to-action is a signpost that lets the user know what to do next. Compelling and clear CTA helps the users know the subsequent steps to take to purchase a product or sign up for a newsletter and is likely to leave the site only after accomplishing their task, that is, after making a purchase.


Focus and improve your brand storytelling: Your audience should be able to identify your brand from the vast pool of firms trying to get their attention to be loyal customers for your firm. Strong, consistent, and compelling brand storytelling will do just that. Hence, it will reduce your bounce rate by facilitating the engagement rate of your site.


Create updated, engaging, and relevant content: A website should keep the blogs fresh with the right content is an essential step to reduce the bounce rate of a site. Updated content helps generate leads and enhance ROI for a firm. Besides, it further aids in building momentum and establishing trust among the audience as far as your firm is concerned. 


Use High-Value Traffic Keywords: Apart from facilitating the traffic value of a website, high-value traffic keywords further efficient for enhancing the brand value, persona value, and above all, the conversion value of a website.


Utilize Engaging Meta-description: Optimised meta descriptions are efficient for facilitating click-through rates. That further helps in reducing the bounce rate of a website.


Speed up your page loading time: We live in a busy world where nobody has the time to waste on anything, and that includes a website likewise that takes too long to load despite having highly relevant and engaging content. As such, a website that loads fast will help in reducing the bounce rate of the same.


Ensure Site Mobile-friendliness: Since most audiences prefer to visit a website from their phone, the mobile-friendliness of a site can play a detrimental role in the bounce rate of the same. A site needs to ensure mobile-friendliness when creating a website to assure its success in the digital platform.


Hence, these are the most tried and tested ways of improving the bounce rate, as per the in-house experts at Webgen Technologies, that every website owner should practice. However, if you nevertheless feel that you are still losing out on your prospective customers, you should definitely consult the industry experts at Webgen Technologies. We will help you with result-oriented digital marketing solutions to ensure heightened ROI for your business.

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