Do’s and Don’t – Think before considering eCommerce Website Design

Are you planning to start your online store? Read this article to ensure success in your endeavour.

With E-commerce taking the traditional market in its sweep, every business is turning online to take advantage of the same. It empowers businesses to reach the global market. However, efficiently designing the Ecommerce Website plays a significant role in the success of the same. That is why no business can afford to make an error on this as it can cost them in a big way. Webgen Technologies brings you a list of Do’s and Don’t to keep in mind during Professional E-commerce Website Designing and Development.


Do’s and Don’t of E-commerce Website Designing:


  • Layout:

    Create a clutter-free layout for your E-commerce website as it ensures better UX for your website by ensuring that your audience does not get confused by the multiple options present on your site but land upon the sections of the website that would help you earn better ROI.


  • Use Relevant Colours:

    Colours play a vital role when it comes to branding a product. That is why companies spend a lot of effort into finding the fittest colour to represent their product or service to their audiences. Further, it is a known fact that the audience perceives each colour differently. It influences their buying behaviour significantly. It stands truer when it comes to e-commerce website designing. Using random colours results in clashing website designs and gives a very unprofessional look to your whole website. 


  • Search and Navigation:

    An E-commerce website should be nothing less than a real store in terms of displaying the best products and services of your business in the most efficient way to your audiences along with having a definite and easy-to-find checkout option to confirm the buying. It should not be a treasure hunt for your audience to search for anything on the website. If your website demands more than a few minutes of your audience leading to the call-to-action section of it, then it might cause you a customer as your audience will soon abandon your website. 


  • Optimize your images:

    Images are an integral part of your e-commerce website. That is why it is essential to optimize it properly by which we mean using high-quality images but with reduced file size and proper all tag. Stuffing a website with a lot of images leads to increase the loading time of your e-commerce website, which can have an adverse effect on the traffic of the same. 

  • Responsive Website Design

    : An E-commerce website that has been designed in a responsive way to adapt itself to multiple platforms such as a desktop or mobile phones and so, enables your business to attract more audiences. However, you should avoid creating an app extension of a website or creating multiple versions of the e-commerce website as it might hamper the brand image of the same by making the design clash.


  • Unique design:

    : Your e-commerce website should signify the uniqueness of your brand. That is why it is advisable to have a unique and creative design for your e-commerce website without disregarding traditional website design as it ensures familiarity among your audiences.

Hence, are a few dos and don’t of e-commerce website designing that every designer should comply with to ensure better ROI from the same. However, having an experienced and professional designer such as Webgen Technologies can help you save the time and effort to keep track of all of it.


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