eCommerce Development: Technology Trends to Watch in Future

Constant technological advancement is the undeniable truth of the world we live in at present. With progression taking place in the realm of science and innovation, the expectation and habitual preferences of consumers are experiencing a significant shift as well. The e-commerce industry is not exempt from the same.

Besides, with digitization, e-commerce has emerged as a beneficial asset for businesses around the globe. Considering the same, it becomes essential for e-commerce firms to be aware of the developments and innovation taking place in the sector. That is why the in-house experts at Webgen Technologies have curated a list of the technological advancement that will create a difference in the e-commerce world by transforming the same.


Technological trends that will transform the e-commerce industry:


Inclusion of AR/VR: The e-commerce industry is focusing on enhancing user experience. Incorporation of the virtual and augmented reality technologies are an effort in the same line. While the extended reality is already in use in several e-commerce platforms, it will further empower users to share their shopping experience with others on the platform.


Extensive use of Big Data: Considering the many advantages of Big Data analysis in regards to mitigating cost, detecting and solving problems with innovative and effective solutions and more, e-commerce industry can benefit from the proper utilization of the same. Predictive analysis will further enhance the business processes of an e-commerce firm.


PWAs: Progressive web apps are efficient for delivering profoundly engaging user experience in e-commerce sites and boosting user engagement. Besides, PWAs development is cost and time-effective as it provides omnichannel strategy without compromising user experience or incurring additional charges for the implementation for the same.


A rise in recommendation engines: A software to track user behaviour, recommendation engines included in an e-commerce design enables the company to personalize its products and services for its customers. Besides, recommendation engines make the e-shops intuitive and user friendly, enhancing user experience and positively affecting the sales of the same.


Automated systems:Automated systems empowers e-commerce businesses to automate it’s most or all of the repetitive and minimal tasks. That enables the firm to mitigate cost, time and effort while also enhancing the overall business processes without compromising the user experience.


Face Recognition: While being considered by a few of the influential e-commerce firms in the industry, facial recognition will substitute the need for entering passwords for closing a purchase. Besides, it will be time-efficient and ensure the site from fraudulent activities as it provides heightened security with the inclusion of some uncomplicated verification steps.


IoT: From streamlining inventory management to effectively managing warehouses, IoT enables e-commerce firms to streamline their business processes. Besides, IoT is a beneficial asset for e-shops in terms of securing efficient supply chain management processes and enhancing customer experience are concerned.


Apart from the above mentioned, technologies such as ChatBots, an amalgamation of offline and online shopping experiences to enhance the services of the same along with a surge in AI, are some of the trends that will influence the e-commerce industry for the most of the year 2020.

Considering the amount of technological advancement that takes place at a rapid pace in the world of e-shop, a firm might find it tricky to keep up. That is where the experience of a renowned e-commerce solutions developer such as Webgen Technologies can come to your assistance. With ample experience in the field backed with compatible expertise in handling the most efficient and industrial best technologies, we endeavour to serve the best to our clients.


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