How AI is Changing the Way SEO is Done?

Recently, did you come across the term, “agentive SEO”? Do you find yourself unaware about the said phrase? Keep on reading the article to get your questions answered.

Artificial Intelligence is permeating the search engines and the entire industry at large, that makes it reasonable for AI to have a significant effect on the way SEO works in today’s world. However, usually, companies yet fail to identify the apparent correlation between the two. The article hence curated by Webgen Technologies is an effort to highlight the relationship between AI and SEO and how the former is transforming the way the later performs. 


AI transforming SEO processes:


  • Video content-focused SEO:

Since the permeation of AI in the functioning processes of popular search engines, it has turned the latter to become smarter. That has further enhanced their ability to identify relevant video contents for their audiences as per the search request made. A website with a related video content stands a more genuine chance of making it to the higher ranking in these AI-backed search engine results.


  • Efficient use of data inputs:

AI enables SEO managers to make better use of data inputs to build authority and relevance of the concerned website and business to attain a higher ranking in search engines and consequent traffic and more. 


  • Organizing content and building knowledge graph:

AI empowers SEO managers to automate the tedious SEO task such as organizing content and formulating knowledge graph for the website and more through the usage of tools such as machine learning and more.


  • Emphasis on niche-specific keywords:

With the introduction of AI search engines are growing smarter. That has led to the empowerment of the search engine crawlers to efficiently analyse the whole content to assure its relevance to the query made by the audience.


Hence, are the most fundamental ways in which the introduction of AI in SEO marketing is going to transform the process of executing the same to enhance the results for the concerned business. However, the emergence of AI-based SEO or in other words “agentive SEO” is still at its nascent stage. That makes it reasonable for us to expect further addition in the above-stated list in future to help us better comprehend the possible ways in which AI will impact the administration and procedures of SEO to acquire better results for the concerned companies.

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