Educational App creating a difference

We live in a world which holds an “instant demand, instant supply” mentality. We are the millennials, always on the go. The knowledge market has not been spared by the same.

Snap N Study, is one such educational app developed by Webgen Technologies. It fits perfectly into the present educational scenario across the globe. It is a global platform for both learners and teachers. With it’s interactive and efficient plus instant results, it avails the students with a real-time aid at their own convenience.

We, at Webgen Technologies, recognise that how stiff competition in the education sector around the world, has made private tuitions quite an unaffordable aspect for most of the students. Further, with the increased number of learners around the world, the ratio between learners and teachers have faced some disruption. Owing to which just like learners find it difficult to appoint a private teacher, teachers also find the profession pretty burdensome.

Here is where a learning app like Snap N Study can make a real impact. It is an app which is appropriate for mainly those countries where private tuition fees or tuition centre fees are pretty expensive. Furthermore, the app allows students to make some money on the side by becoming tutors themselves. They can do so with a click of a button. They can switch their profiles from that of a student and become a tutor without the need for a separate registration/login.


What makes this educational app different?

However, the real difference between this app for private tutors and all other educational apps in the market lies in its feature which allows the student to take a snap of a topic from their homework they are facing some trouble solving and post on the app. The app additionally necessitates them to attach a specific time within which they expect to get their answers along with the price they are willing to pay to get the same.

Teachers capable of answering this question will then propose the time and money they would require to solve it. Following which, the student gets to choose the one among all these proposals that meet his/her requirement. Further, these on-demand tutor apps avail the students with a varied medium through which they can get their answers. These include WhatsApp chat, videos, or simple messages. This app affords one-to-one interaction between the teacher and the student. Webgen Technologies has given specific consideration to the personalisation of this app to ensure its effectiveness plus the convenience of the users.


Final Words

Have an idea for a similar or a better educational app than this? Contact us. We can help you create the most effective and the most innovative app that meets your requirements of profit without sacrificing your audiences user satisfaction.


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