Major SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2019

Marketing has become ever so easy and ever so difficult in this digital age.

Unlike the earlier times, marketing now denotes much more than traditional marketing such as billboard, direct mail, and so. Marketers are shifting towards the newer techniques to attract the new clients of the modern market viz. online market. In this digital age, a business needs to recognise the potential of modern marketing techniques such as SEO, PPC, SMO, and so to attract clients and customers.

However, easy said, SEO marketing is not an easy technique to practice. With the ever-changing norms of the digital space, the rules of SEO marketing are also evolving every minute. Nevertheless, we have sorted out a list of a few major SEO mistakes that one should avoid in 2019 if one is to earn revenue from his online business.

Major SEO mistakes that one should avoid in 2019 are:

Broken links: 

Imagine you clicked on a link and landed on a 404 error page. Annoying, right? The search engine bots find it annoying too as it wastes their time and resources when they crawl on such web pages. Here 404 error pages are broken links which indicates deleted pages or URLs that are misspelt.

These broken links further affect a website’s growth. It can also influence a website’s search engine ranking negatively.

Inferior Quality Content :

The phrase, “Content is king” is relevant than ever now. For a website to get ahead in ranking must have relevant contents that are supposedly useful for the audience searching on the topic concerned. Further, the content should be devoid of plagiarism as this denotes the quality and trustworthiness of a website. Apart from that, relevancy and plagiarism play a significant role in determining the SEO ranking of a website. 

Wrong Keywords/ Keywords stuffing :

Keywords play a significant role in determining SEO results. However, because every other marketer is aware of this and is employing keywords to enhance their particular business. It becomes rather important to avoid using the wrong keywords. Likewise, stuffing content with all the keywords that one can find is another mispractice that one should avoid. Excessive usage of keywords makes the content look spammy and manufactured.

Undermining Social Media Presence :

In this age, where social media takes the front seat in every marketing strategy, no business can afford to disregard the significance of social media presence of a business and social media marketing. It not only facilitates you to reach an enormous audience, but it also helps in improving your ranking in search engines. Additionally, a website with higher social engagements is liable to have better SEO results.

Disregarding Local SEO :

With the world coming nearer with the advancement in technology, we as consumers tend to look for a product and services that are within a few meters distance. Further, it makes sense to look for a service that is within reach and are easily accessible. Local SEO does just that for your website. It helps people near your store find your store as they look for a particular service or product. That increases the relevancy plus visibility of your business. 

Final Words:

Hence, are a few major SEO mistakes that should be avoided this year if you are to earn some real income from your online business.

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