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Tips To Make Your Digital Brand More Recognizable

Do you have enough traffic coming to your website but fail to convert them into sales? Well, maybe you are not doing your digital branding the right way. Wondering what makes us predict so? Keep on reading the article below to get answers to all your “what,” “how,” and “why.”


Brand awareness is the first step of a marketing funnel, and rightly so. It is a vital framework to acquire customers and help them get familiar and comfortable with a brand. However, while the essential branding elements such as fonts, taglines, personas, imagery, logos or visual identity, and more may take years of branding and user experience (UX) knowledge. Digital branding uses actionable elements consisting of digital marketing and internet branding techniques to develop a brand online. 


To help our audiences enhance the visibility and recognizability of a digital brand, the in-house experts at Webgen Technologies have carefully curated a list as stated below:


  • Brand personality suiting your target consumer group: While brand personality eases the communication with the customers by allowing them to relate to the traits that s/he possesses with the personality traits of that brand. Besides, proactively creating a brand personality of a business apt for a consumer group will further help a business to appeal to a target customer group or even break into a new market.


  • Focus on simplicity without losing memorability: While the minimalistic approach is considered safe and is suggested to most businesses intending to create a digital identity for their brand. Yet, startups and new companies in the market should also ensure that their brand is unique and memorable enough to help their customers identify their particular brand amidst thousands of others.


  • Balance functionality with uniqueness: While it is imperative for businesses to create a unique identity for themselves in the mind of the customers, sacrificing functionality to achieve the same is, however, not advisable and vice-versa. A visually appealing site without optimized UX will fail to retain customers and eventual conversion. That is because people need to perform a particular task or solve a problem on a site and find it beneficial in some manner. Creating interactive UX can help you create a personalized experience for your customers and, in turn, help you gain loyal customers.


  • Use referral programs: Referral programs are an effective tool for digital brand recognition. It enables businesses to enhance the familiarity of their brand in the market through social channels as more people refer your brand to others. Besides, it is also powerful for swiftly generating more satisfied customers, ensuring a continuous cycle of repeat customers and referrals. Additionally, users will willingly promote a brand when they have additional benefits attached. 


  • Be creative with your logo: Used interchangeably with the term brand, logos are an essential element for consideration when intending to create a recognizable digital brand for a business. As a logo needs to be unique to be memorable, presently, a firm can create a logo that is both animated, has unique sounds attaching to the launch of the logo, and more. A business can now do away with static and unchanging logos.


  • Determine your unique brand value: Brand values are crucial for creating digital brand recognition for a business. These values are capable of influencing the perception of a brand that a customer has. Besides, customers are likely to be attracted to a brand whose values align with their own. Similarly, it serves as a compass directing brand story, actions, behaviors, decision-making process, and more. Therefore, a business must ensure that its brand values definition are a unique reflection of its culture and identity.


  • Be consistent with your digital brand: Consistency in digital branding enables customers to quickly and promptly recognize a brand while enhancing and building brand awareness. Consistency in visual elements coupled with customer experience helps in fostering trust and confidence in a brand.


  • Infographics: Infographics are a great way of creating brand awareness. Apart from enabling a business to present information attractively, infographics further help build trust and authority among customers and attract new leads to a business.


  • Provide freemium products: Offering freemium products enables a business to establish the foundation for future transactions by allowing its users to use a free version of their product, including a watermark. These businesses further offer the option to their customers to upgrade to the paid version and remove the business watermark to replace it with their own. While most of the users still opt for the free version, that, in turn, will increase the visibility of a brand and eventually drive more sales for the same.


  • Tell your story: Storytelling is an effective and proven way of increasing brand awareness. It does so by enabling consumers to make emotional and personal connections with brands. Besides, the storytelling technique further benefits a business to develop brand authenticity and relate to their audience on a much deeper level.


  • Engaging, authoritative content: Engaging and authoritative content are an effective way of creating brand awareness. It yields an image to a brand interested in helping and teaching people at no cost and, in turn, attracts new leads and creates a strong impression of a brand among the consumers.


  • Utilize guest blogging: Guest blogging enables businesses to reach the section of an industry interested in reading your content. While helping companies reach the responsive, interested readers with their content, it further increases the brand visibility of an enterprise by growing content engagement. Regularly guest blogging on hundreds of authoritative industry blogs is the most effective and cost-efficient way of building digital brand awareness for a business.


  • Focus on branding over conversions: Rather than creating a sense of urgency among the consumers to purchase a particular product, a brand should focus on associating a specific feeling with a brand to help the consumers connect at a deeper level. Once the consumers can identify their values with that of a brand, they are likely to remain loyal to that brand and bring an eventual business down the line.


Hence, these are the most effective ways of making a digital brand more recognizable in this digital eras, says the in-house branding and marketing experts at Webgen Technologies. From building brand equity to enhanced customer loyalty or increase sales, or naturally keeping your brand at the top of mind with your current & potential audiences, digital brand awareness, done best, can help you achieve all that and more. 


To conclude, a business should recognize that it is the values of significance to your customers that their brand materials should reflect for achieving success in their digital branding endeavors. With these tried and tested digital branding tips stated above, a business can in no time make a radical shift from a position of never being discovered at all to having a loyal customer base. However, an enterprise should recognize that building a marvelous brand does not happen overnight. It takes continuous effort and years of patience to achieve success.


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