Double Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

Tips to Double Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

An optimized conversion rate can enable a business to reduce its customer acquisition costs by generating added value from the existing visitors and users of their site. Besides, it further promotes trust while also enhancing pay-per-click cost and streamline a business. It also augments the effectiveness of other marketing efforts, enhances the layout and appearances of an online store while further helping companies save money.

When an optimized conversion rate can do so much to make it detrimental to the success of your e-commerce site, would you not wish to double it down?

To help you do just that, the in-house experts at Webgen Technologies have brought you a carefully curated list below:

  • Make your call-to-action prominent: Many times, a website visitor cannot find a call-to-action button, they will naturally abandon the site, and the e-commerce business is no exception to the rule. The easiest way of overcoming this difficulty is by installing a live call widget, live chat widget, and more. 
  • Make your call-to-action appealing: Having a call-to-action that repels sales rather than generating it is something every e-commerce business should avoid when aiming to double its conversion rate. The way to do so is by offering a high perceived value to your customers with your call-to-action options.
  • Avoid making your call-to-action seem too high risk: Requiring your visitors to take a leap of faith by clicking on your call-to-action button is unquestionably not advised when you wish to double your e-commerce conversion rates. Giving a clear idea to the visitors of an e-commerce site of what follows when they click on the call-to-action button will help the business avoid committing the said mistake.
  • Track conversions: Harnessing metrics to make informed decisions are the key to a successful e-commerce business in this era. That makes keeping track of conversion rates in your e-commerce site the first and essential step in our list. The way to achieve the same is to ensure that your analytic tool is accurately tracking your e-commerce conversion rate.
  • Heat mapping software: It is notably essential for an e-commerce business to know the behavior and actions of the visitors to their sites to encourage them to take the recommended steps, such as buying their products. The heat mapping software helps an e-commerce website to do just that and more.
  • Speed optimization: This is an essential step to consider when aiming to double the conversion rate of an e-commerce business. Minimizing your image size, removing unnecessary plugins and extensions, and more will help you achieve better speed for your e-commerce site.
  • Improve product photography: Since e-commerce sites take away the privilege from the user to physically examine the product they are purchasing, e-commerce should ensure to make up for that. Having high-quality images, 3D images, product variants, and 360-degree images will help customers be sure of what they are buying from the site.
  • Add a clear positioning statement: A clear positioning statement enable clients to be aware of the benefits they may have by purchasing a product from an e-commerce site along with the details of the site itself, eventually encouraging sales. The way to do so is to highlight the additional reasons for people to buy from a particular e-commerce store rather than the other.
  • Consider your product category layout: An e-commerce business should aim to showcase as many products on a page of the site as they can to encourage sales. The tip works better with browsing customers by offering them multiple products to choose from on the site. 
  • Add product video: Having a product video will better engage customers by offering them a better view of the product they are interested in purchasing. It enables the business to remove objections from a riskier purchase by extending the prospect customer a detailed demonstration of the product.
  • Encourage customer reviews: By encouraging customer reviews from your existing customers, an e-commerce business can build trust and reliability among prospective buyers of its products. 
  • Ensure your customers can reach you: The said step is essentially critical for generating trust and reliability by ensuring customers the availability of assistance from the e-commerce business in case of inquiries, grievances, compensation, or more. The customer should have the assurance of receiving help at all instances if they face any challenge after purchasing the e-commerce business. The way to do so is by adding your official contact details or live chat on the site.
  • Detailed product descriptions: A detailed and specific product description coupled with the in-house expert and honest product review enables an e-commerce business to generate credibility and trust among the customers while further empowering the buyers to make an informed decision about the product.
  • Email opt-in offer: Having a visitor sign-up for an email list enables an e-commerce business to continually market those customers and reduce the cost of advertising to those people through google ads or more. The best way to do so for an e-commerce business is to run an email list that enables the customers to request vouchers, discounts, exclusive offers, or additional benefits by submitting their details.

Hence, these are the tried and tested ways of doubling the e-commerce conversion rate of a business, says the in-house digital marketing experts at Webgen Technologies.

Although the list of suggestions to double your e-commerce conversion rate is by no means exhaustive, it nevertheless provides a good starting point for an e-commerce website to commence with when working on the said direction to achieve success in the highly competitive digital era.

Besides, encouraging repeated sales from customers enables an e-commerce business to drive more revenues while further boosting brand image and interaction.

Hence, relying on expert digital marketers in the industry, such as the in-house professionals in Webgen Technologies, can help you promote your sales by not just attracting traffic to your site but further ensuring higher ROI and better or doubled conversion rates.

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