Top 12 WordPress Web Development Trends in 2023: Definitive Guide

Top 12 WordPress Web Development Trends in 2023: Definitive Guide

If you’re thinking of building your website, then WordPress is the name that you have inevitably come across often. WordPress, launched in 2003, has come up a long way and is now considered the most popular and easy platform to develop a website or blog.

The reasons behind the startling popularity of WordPress are flexible, easy-to-use, and SEO-friendly. Especially, for beginners, WordPress (WP) is the ideal platform to start with. Its simple dashboard makes posts & page creation easy. For learners and inexperienced developers, this platform is easy to maintain without facing any technical hiccups.

Although initially, WordPress was more like a blogging tool, later it turned into the most popular and influential website builder. WordPress offers incredible flexibility in the sense that it can be used to build any type of website. The insights into the WordPress Web development market in the next section of this blog post will give a clear picture of the rising popularity of WordPress.


WordPress Web Development Market Statistics 2023: Top Picks

  • The total number of websites on the internet today built using WordPress is 810 million i.e nearly 43.1% of the total websites.
  • You will be surprised to know that WordPress holds a 64.2% share of the Content Management System (CMS) market. This percentage is 10 times higher than its rivalries like Squarespace, Weebly, etc.
  • 27.5% of the websites are using the WordPress 6 version, which is the latest version of this CMS.
  • WooCommerce, the world’s most popular eCommerce platform, is built using WordPress which is 36% of the total eCommerce website market share.
  • As per 2023 reports, WordPress Themes Directory provides more than 20,000 themes out of which 10,000 are free.
  • There are nearly 60,000 free plugins available on the WordPress plugin database.
  • Divi is the top popular theme in WordPress, used by more than 3.8 million websites.
  • The plugin that has the maximum installations of more than 5 million is Contact Form 7.

WordPress 6.1:

This latest version of WordPress, WordPress 6.1 or Misha, was released on November 2022 and has brought some exciting new features. The best quality of this CMS is that it is constantly updating its features and has more the 400 enhancements such as block editor improvements, default themes, etc. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

Advancements in Block Editor features – The block editor offers great features and tools that make the job of developers easy.

New APIs – The new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) introduced in WordPress 6.1 includes new advanced features in block editors, customized options for post types, and a lot more.

Performance – WordPress 6.1 optimizes performance which includes improving the page load time and enhancing the user experience on the websites.

Improved UX – Users now find it easy to edit old content and create new content on the platform with the introduction of new block editor features that make the user experience hassle-free.

Improved accessibility – The latest version of WordPress 6.1 provides great accessibility to users.


Headless Development

A hot trend that has created a lot of hype among WordPress developers is headless development. Headless development is a decoupled architecture that separates the frontend from the backend, thus providing the users with greater scalability.

Headless WP sites do not use the conventional theme and PHP for rendering the frontend. Instead, it has a headless setup that uses Javascript and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to access the backend.

The Key Benefits of the Headless WP:

    • The backend is separated from the frontend.
    • Flexible development in the frontend and developers have great freedom in using emerging website tools.
    • Reduces server load and improves performance.
    • Enhances the user experience by optimizing speed and usability in the frontend.
    • Improved security because backend is separated and direct access is limited.
    • Easy integration of other cutting-edge technologies like AR/VR, Chatbots, IoT devices, etc.


Parallax Scrolling

This new trend in WordPress websites provides users with a whole new and refreshing experience while scrolling through. Parallax scrolling implies the technique where the background and foreground of a webpage move at different speeds when a user scrolls.

This creates a three-dimensional illusion, thus grabbing all the eyeballs and persuading users to stay for longer. This could reduce your website’s bounce rate to a large extent.

The reasons behind the growing popularity of Parallax scrolling are

Enhances user engagement – As mentioned earlier, parallax scrolling imparts a 3D depth effect that attracts a user’s attention and is a great tactic to keep them engaged for longer.

Makes the pages visually stunning – It gives the users an immersive experience and makes the pages look exceptionally better than the websites without parallax scrolling.

Easy to use – The new feature update is very easy to use and add to a site through customized code and easily available plug-ins. Even a non-technical user can integrate parallax scrolling without basic knowledge of WordPress.

Page Responsiveness – This new trend does not impact the responsiveness of your website. This means whether you view the site from a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, users are going to get a consistent user experience. The parallax scrolling feature adjusts beautifully to every screen size.


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Dark Mode UI

Dark mode is a WordPress web development trend that was introduced in 2019. However, this trend picked up the pace and was all over the internet at the end of 2022 and it is expected to become a mandatory feature this year.

This User Interface trend has become every developer’s favorite because the usage of the dark background against light text makes the pages soothing to the reader’s eyes. It minimizes strain on the eyes, especially when someone views the page in a low-light environment. Plus, it preserves the battery life of the device from which it is viewed.

The other wonderful advantages of the Dark Mode UI are

Easy-on-the-eyes – It causes less harm to the reader’s eyes, thus making them comfortable visiting your page often. Besides, it makes the pages visually appealing and makes it easy for readers to consume content.

Saves energy – Displaying pages in dark backgrounds requires less energy compared to white backgrounds. Thus, battery consumption is minimized in devices from where it is viewed.

Accessible easily – Dark mode makes it easy for users with visual impairments to view and read the content.

Customization – Integrating a dark theme has never been this easy before. The WP dark mode plugin simply needs to be installed and activated. The steps are shown below.


Step 1 – You need to install the WP dark mode plugin.

You need to install the WP dark mode plugin.

Step 2 – Go to settings and then select the WP Dark Mode page and click General Settings.

Go to settings and then select the WP Dark Mode page and click General Settings.

Step 3 – Enable OS-aware Dark Mode by turning it ON.

Enable OS-aware Dark Mode by turning it ON.


Embedding Videos on Background

WordPress is a robust website tool that makes developing and managing websites and blogs easy. It is a game-changer in the field of website development and has paved the way as one of the most emerging web development platforms in the world.

Although video background is not a new thing in websites, this has not been considered a significant trend until now. Over recent years, adding attractive and engaging videos on web pages has become a mandatory requirement by website owners.

You can seek the service of an experienced graphic design company to create motion graphics and pictorial illustrations to play in the background. Videos and compelling visuals play an important role in boosting engagement and triggering conversions on a website.


The benefits of video backgrounds on your WP website are:

    • Video backgrounds make the website more alluring and thus, compel the viewers to stay and check other pages as well.
    • Websites with videos have been observed to have more engagement compared to the one with only static images.
    • Videos on websites are very easy to integrate with plugins and customized codes. Your hired website design and development company can do that for you easily.


Voice Search

The increased use of smartphones has resulted in Voice Search gaining extraordinary momentum. Furthermore, with readily available internet connections from anywhere anytime, people do not have to wait to get back homes to access the internet.

Voice search integration gives users a hassle-free and hands-free way to search for their needs online. It offers the convenience to look for information using simple voice commands. Integration of voice assistants on mobile devices and tablets is also used for performing everyday tasks like making calls, sending messages, setting reminders, searching the internet, and a lot more.

Hence, when your website has the voice search feature, you can give your users an innovative experience and make website browsing easier without making them type their queries.

Exceptional benefits of Voice Search integration:

    • Attracts more visitors to your website since they can browse and search for anything by simply speaking. They can also navigate through your page while on the move.
    • This technological upgradation is easy to add to your WordPress website. Hire developer in India to include voice search feature in your website.
    • Voice search increases accessibility because users with physical impairments can now easily access your website and shop for products or services through voice queries.


Chatbot Integration

Live chatbots in a website quickly respond to customer queries and make sure that no opportunities are lost. AI bots are trained computer programs that leverage the power of AI and machine learning algorithms to converse with humans and answer questions that require human-like intelligence.

Chatbot integration is considered a must in 2023 because it not only enhances user engagement but also ensures that the requirements of quality leads are addressed properly. When potential customers get their queries solved quickly and efficiently, their trust in the brand grows. Chatbot nurtures lead qualification and boosts conversions.

Especially, an e-commerce website built with WordPress having a live chatbot is seen to draw more potential buyers than sites without chat assistants. A 24*7 active and responsive customer support will always impress the visitors and gain their trust.

The exclusive benefits that chatbots offer in a WordPress website.


    • Improved customer services – Chatbots reduce customer wait times and are capable of handling bulk queries at the same time. Thus, efficient chat support enhances the customer experience.
    • Personalized responses – AI chatbots are trained to use Machine learning to understand customer mindsets and query tones and provide them with personalized replies.
    • Cost-effective – Chatbot integration involves a very low cost and in the long run, it reduces your company’s costs as you no longer need to hire human resources to form a customer support team.
    • Easy integration – You can get it easily integrated by hiring the professionals of a trusted ChatGPT like chatbot application development agency. You can also take the help of Open AI chatGPT to learn how to integrate a chatbot into your WordPress website. Check the steps below.


  1. Select your chatbot platform such as Dialogflow.
  2. Create and configure your chatbot as per your needs.
  3. Install the required libraries. In this case, you need to install the Dialogflow API client library for PHP.composer require google/cloud-dialogflow
  4.  Create your chatbot script to handle the functionalities of your chatbot. The script will be like the example shown below.


  1. <?php
  2. require_once __DIR__ . ‘/vendor/autoload.php’;
  3. use Google\Cloud\Dialogflow\V2\SessionsClient;
  4. use Google\Cloud\Dialogflow\V2\QueryInput;
  5. use Google\Cloud\Dialogflow\V2\TextInput;
  6. function getChatbotResponse($text) {
  7. $projectId = ‘YOUR_PROJECT_ID’;
  8. $languageCode = ‘en-US’;
  9. $sessionsClient = new SessionsClient();
  10. $session = $sessionsClient>sessionName($projectId, uniqid());
  11. $textInput = new TextInput();
  12. $textInput>setText($text);
  13. $textInput>setLanguageCode($languageCode);
  14. $queryInput = new QueryInput();
  15. $queryInput>setText($textInput);
  16. $response = $sessionsClient>detectIntent($session, $queryInput);
  17. $message = $response>getQueryResult()>getFulfillmentText();
  18. $sessionsClient>close();
  19. return $message;
  20. }


5. You need to add and display the chatbot on your WordPress website. Here is an example shortcode.


  1. function chatbot_shortcode() {
  2. ob_start();
  3. ?>
  4. <div id=“chatbot”>
  5. <input type=“text” id=“user-message” placeholder=“Ask me anything…”>
  6. <button id=“send-message”>Send</button>
  7. <div id=“chatbox”></div>
  8. </div>
  9. <script>
  10. jQuery(‘#send-message’).click(function() {
  11. var userMessage = jQuery(‘#user-message’).val();
  12. jQuery(‘#chatbox’).append(‘<div class=”user-message”>’ + userMessage + ‘</div>’);
  13. jQuery(‘#user-message’).val();
  14. jQuery.ajax({
  15. url: ‘<?php echo admin_url(‘adminajax.php‘); ?>’,
  16. type: ‘POST’,
  17. data: {
  18. action: ‘get_chatbot_response’,
  19. message: userMessage
  20. },
  21. success: function(response) {
  22. jQuery(‘#chatbox’).append(‘<div class=”chatbot-message”>’ + response + ‘</div>’);
  23. }
  24. });
  25. });
  26. </script>
  27. <?php
  28. return ob_get_clean();
  29. }
  30. add_shortcode(‘chatbot’, ‘chatbot_shortcode’);


6. Create an AJAX action to handle all the chatbot requests by adding the following code to your functions.


  1. function get_chatbot_response() {
  2. $message = $_POST[‘message’];
  3. $response = getChatbotResponse


By following these easy steps, you can successfully integrate a chatbot into your e-commerce website development and provide your users with a better experience.


Minimalistic Themes

If there is something called a hot trend in WordPress websites, then it is minimalistic designs and themes. The lesser the use of colors and elements, the more attractive it is to the visitors. In this contemporary world, playing with sophisticated colors, basic typography, and simple graphics is the key to standing out from the crowd.

If you want to create a user-friendly website that will leave an unforgettable impression on your viewers’ minds, then make sure to keep it brand-focused, simple, and elegant. Proper utilization of white spaces on your pages and less use of bright and vibrant colors will enhance usability. Also, it soothes the eyes of readers when viewed from mobile screens.

Minimalist themes have become a standard for website development. Here are the primary benefits of keeping your WordPress website simple and minimalistic.

    • It enhances the user experience by appealing to their eyes. Using brand colors and maintaining brand tone help your users connect with your website personally.
    • User engagement increases because research shows that 90% of website visitors are turned off by cluttered content and overwhelming design, layout, graphics, etc.

It gives users the full freedom of website customization where they can tailor the color schemes, change typography, and other branding elements as per their choices.


WordPress VIP

This premium version of WordPress is now available to all types of businesses, irrespective of their sizes. Web development with complex requirements from clients’ ends can be easily built using this VIP version. Besides, it offers great performance, high-end security, and support compared to the general WordPress version.

In particular, it is an ideal platform for large business organizations and enterprises that need advanced and feature-packed websites. Its hosting platform is suitable for handling websites that draw heavy traffic.

Some of its key features are

    • The VIP version offers robust security that protects your site from hackers, malicious attacks, and other cyber security threats.
    • The dedicated team is available 24*7 to provide effective support and solve technical glitches if any.
    • WordPress VIP optimizes the website performance by increasing site loading speed. Especially, during peak times when the website draws heavy traffic.

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Multilingual Support

A website that allows users to choose from different languages drives more traffic compared to websites displaying content only in English. Multilingual support lets website owners reach non-English speaking audiences and expand their global reach.

The WP plugins that allow developers to manage language translations for website content and pages are PolyLang, qTranslate, and WPML. This new trend is helping businesses grow globally and attract leads from different corners of the world.

The various way for integrating Multilingual support in WP websites –

    • Plugins – As mentioned earlier, with the use of WP plugins such as PolyLang, qTranslate, and WPML, one can easily add several language options to a website.
    • Manually – Developers can manually add translation features on every page of the website.
    • WordPress Multisite – WordPress multi-site lets the developers build separate websites for different languages.
    • Translation service – You can also choose to hire translation resources to translate content on your site.


Augmented Reality (AR)

WooCommerce is the WP plugin used for creating eCommerce websites to sell products online. And AR integration in eCommerce websites allows users to virtually try their products before buying.

Augmented reality in your WooCommerce-powered sites enhances user engagement by presenting a 3D view of the products. AR technology elevates the user experience and aids in quick conversions. Customers now have an idea of how the product looks in real and whether it meets their varying needs.

Benefits of AR in WooCommerce sites:

    • Give the buyers a clear 3D view of the product. Allows them to try the product digitally by augmenting it into the real background.
    • Increases website conversion rate because users are able to preview the product in the real environment and gain experience before making the final decision.
    • Chances of product return or exchange minimizes because AR clears out all the confusion a customer may have before buying the product.


Staying updated about these above-mentioned newest WordPress web development trends will help you gain a distinctive advantage over your competitors. You will be presenting your potential customers with extraordinary features before anyone else does. And this will simultaneously grow your website traffic.


Concluding Thoughts

The purpose of this blog post is to update you regarding all the recent advancements in the web development field. The list of trends is specifically curated by our top WordPress experts to make you aware of what opportunities you’re missing out on right now.

You will be amazed to know that many of the popular and high-revenue earning brands like Sony, The New York Times, Disney, Time Magazine, etc. have their websites built on WordPress. Considering the wide assortment of robust and advanced features it offers, it has become the favorite website builder or platform for many top players in the market.

These trends are definitely going to rule the market this year and would reshape the web experience in the coming years also. As a result, it becomes crucial for you to embrace these trends, improve user experience, and optimize your site’s rank. Connect with us to learn more about WordPress and other website development services. Thank you for reading!

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