Travel Apps & the future of the tourism industry

Ever since the dawn of human civilization human beings have been curious about the world. In 2018, this inherent curiosity to explore the unknown has not changed much. The only thing that has evolved with time is how people travel. While in the early days, travelers explored on foot or rode horses, camels and other animals, today the picture is different. Airplanes, cars, trains, and ships connect one part of the world to another. Today the traveler has a more comfortable experience than his ancestors because of technology. And to add to a traveler’s comfort, we have innovative travel apps that make it easier for anyone to plan a vacation with the touch of a single button.


Travel apps are disrupting the travel and tourism industry


Mobile phones have truly made life easier for human beings of the twenty-first century. Mobile applications have replaced radios, music players, cameras, calculators, telephones and many other handy devices and instruments. It is the single most important device that any human uses today. And now mobile apps for travel are changing the way people travel.

Even a decade ago, vacation planning would start with checking the brochures of different travel companies, reading books about your travel destination and getting an itinerary from the travel agency. But much has changed in the past decade. Today one can log into a mobile app and book their flight and hotel. These hotel booking apps and flight booking apps are only a tiny part of the vacation planning process. There are other all-inclusive travel applications that help in planning the entire vacation from booking flights, Airbnb, transport for going around the destination and places to stay in.




According to a survey, millennials are more inclined to use travel apps to plan their trips than using a travel agency. This shift in preference is the major cause behind the disruption in the travel sector. Travel agencies are now stepping up to the game by getting mobile apps for travel designed for themselves. Meanwhile, the travel app development company is becoming more important in helping travel businesses by creating apps that help their customers plan their trip.

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