Transport and logistics app is creating the new waves in the logistics and warehouse industry

Tim owns a big warehouse for his garment business from where the products are sent out to his customers all across the world. He has a delivery and logistics team who look after the delivery of the packages. But of late, there have been reports of packages going missing and the customer complaints of delivery not being on time. Unable to figure out what was going wrong with the process, he confined to his friend John. It was then that John told him how the entire operation process could not be managed solely through entering information on pieces of paper but needs to be automated. John asked Tim to consider investing money in a transport and logistics app to help save his business.

So what exactly was this transport and logistics app? As John pointed out, Tim had a big team of people who helped him. But due to the size of his team, he was unable to manage it. Though John maintained a logbook of the team’s coming in and going out, the number of packages shipped, and other facts, he could by no means know the whereabouts of the packages when they were out for delivery. His only contact was through phone calls and that too was not always a feasible solution when more than a hundred packages were shipped each day.

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