6 Top Reasons Why Your CRM Needs A Chatbot

6 Top Reasons Why Your CRM Needs A Chatbot

No matter what your business type is or what industry you’re in, customers are your company’s first and foremost important asset. Your customers are the ones who generate revenue and lead your business growth. Thus, cultivating their value and giving importance to their needs should be your top priority.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an advanced system or technology that companies use to keep track of their interactions with their potential and current customers. Most importantly, every business needs an efficient CRM built by a software development company to manage client relationships, streamline communications, and stay connected with prospective clients.

However, this blog post is not about the significance of CRM in achieving your business sales. Instead, we are focusing on how the integration of a next-level AI solution “Chatbot” into your CRM can elevate your customer experience. We will give six reasons to leverage the Chatbot development services of a reputed company to upgrade your CRM.

But before that, let’s take a look at how Artificial Intelligence is transforming CRMs and helping businesses enhance their customer-business relationships.

5 Impeccable Ways AI is Transitioning CRMs


Customer Segmentation

With the help of AI-powered CRM, you can narrow down your process of segmenting customers. AI uses intelligent algorithms to categorize and segregate customers according to their age, gender, region, spending behaviors, and likes/dislikes for your products or services. Further, it also studies past customer data to analyze and forecast future behavioral trends. This helps your marketing team to target personalized ads, messages, and push notifications. Targeted marketing combined with increased customer outreach will result in larger lead attraction and better conversions.



Simplifies the Lead Management process

Human sales representatives are more likely to forget to follow up on a prospective lead that has contacted you weeks or maybe months earlier. Also, sometimes due to the massive volume of leads, it becomes difficult for the sales team to keep track of everyone’s status.

However, AI by joining hands with CRM makes sure that none of your high potential and qualified leads are missed out. It maintains a systematic process where every step of lead management is streamlined and automated. AI tools, possessing human-like intelligence, imitate human agents and engage with your potential customers through messages, emails, etc, and also follow them up at frequent intervals.


Retains your old Customers

Artificial Intelligence is capable of providing tailored-made experiences to your customers by studying their emotional behaviors from their voice tone and words used in the conversations.

AI also uses the Sentiment Analysis technique to measure the amount of satisfaction or dissatisfaction a customer has while using your product in real time. This helps in the better identification of customer problems and finding quick actions to solve them. Drawing meaningful insights from customer data will help your business provide personalized services and increase your repeat business.


Bring in new clients

AI-based CRMs help analyze sales scenarios when a deal is either finalized or rejected. They also recommend the next course of action to the human sales agent to close the deal.

Moreover, AI-based CRM also identifies the true intent of the potential customer and their positive and negative experiences with your product. This helps companies manage their sales funnel efficiently.


Your Virtual Assistant

A customized virtual assistant helps to streamline your business operations by assisting your employees with routine tasks. They can use the AI assistant to schedule client appointments, make calls, set reminders on the calendar, follow up with clients, and take important notes on business meetings. Integrating virtual assistants in CRMs will help you automate repetitive administrative duties, and minimize human errors.

It cannot be denied that AI now plays a pivotal role in the functioning of CRM systems. Hence, we need to combine them to push qualified leads down the sales funnel faster and boost your business revenue. To explore the power of AI, connect with a top Artificial Intelligence development company and step into an intelligent AI world.

The next section of this blog is dedicated to the importance of Chatbot in CRM.

Chatbot Development


6 Reasons Why Businesses Need AI Chatbots In CRMs

Apart from automating customer service, Chatbot helps in aggregating valuable user information, promote omnichannel engagement, optimizing costs, and many more. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into those reasons in detail.


Enhances the customer journeys

Humans need time to respond to customer queries and are not available 24*7 to address a customer’s requests. But chatbot can! They make the customers happy by providing immediate answers and instant solutions. And most importantly, the AI-powered chatbot is intelligent enough to customize the answers of the customers or potential customers and improve their experience with the support team.

In cases where the query is complicated and the AI bot is unable to give appropriate solutions, it escalates the matter to the concerned department by forwarding the customer’s request. This way, the whole process of customer service is simplified and both business and customers are benefitted.

Customers are happy because all their queries are solved on an immediate basis and businesses are satisfied because now they can focus on other integral business activities while chatbots handle the major bulk of the customer queries.


Lowers Cost

Integrating trained AI bots in CRM to handle customer queries will automatically reduce the workload of the human support team. Moreover, you no longer required a large number of human resources to attend to your customer queries. Hiring lesser or no customer executives will certainly reduce a part of your company expenses.

Besides, offering great customer support, ChatGPT application development also automates the process of data input which reduces the cost involved in manual logging. Also, the chatbot can study data and derive valuable insights that help businesses in making informed decisions. So, the need for hiring data interpreters and operators also gets eliminated and this optimizes your company’s costs. Although chatbot development and integration involve cost, in the long run, it will yield great ROI by automating your core CRM-based tasks.


Multichannel communication

Chatbot supports multichannel interaction with clients and potential clients In today’s age, 90% of your customers are more likely to follow your brand on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Hence, it is quite natural that they can raise a query or complaint there. With chatbot integration, it becomes possible for you to engage with your customers on a personal level on these platforms as well.

Besides social media, Chatbots in CRMs provide efficient customer service through other modes of communication such as Email, phone calls, and live chat. It feeds customer data into the software and studies customer behavior to improve business relationships with customers. A great example of this Chatbot development in CRM communication channels is the Social media messenger bot.


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Improves CRM Efficiency

Chatbots speed up the response time and enhance engagement and interaction with customers. Furthermore, it reduces the time spent on repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks by automating responses & interactions, data logging, and product/service recommendations.

Automation improves both the quality of service and efficiency. So, if you find your existing CRM’s performance sluggish and are unable to deal with customers’ requirements, then integrate a powerful AI chatbot into your CRM system and see the results for yourself. You can hire a Chatbot applications development agency to build robust AI bots for your CRM.


Automates Data Management

A CRM Chatbot development is also beneficial for capturing essential information on keynotes from potential customers, gaining insights, and converting details into meaningful facts. Further, it also records all the details of customer log-in, their cost, and challenges that they experienced with your product or service.

It also simplifies the data entry process in CRM. For instance, if a sales agent wants to enquire about particular purchase details for a particular customer, a Chatbot also makes this type of information instantly available to the agent. The messaging interface of the chatbot system eliminates unnecessary browsing through the bulk data pages and enables easy data access in seconds.

Integrating powerful Chatbots in the CRM system results in easy access to customer data in real-time. AI chatbots, after studying the customers’ behavioral patterns, can offer personalized responses to their queries. Moreover, this trailblazing AI technology provides the exact information in the exact way a customer wants from your business.

When an AI chatbot of a banking service is asked about an account balance by a customer, the bot is trained to first provide all the accounts that the customer holds and asks him/her to choose one. After the customer selects one, the chatbot provides answers that he or she has specifically asked for. Another example is a customer asking for a particular smartphone model, color, and memory capacity. The AI bot will come back with a long list of available matches.


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Why You Need An Artificial Intelligence Company To Build Chatbots

In today’s time, Chatbot development in CRM is required to optimize your customer experience and delight them with self-service automation and personalized conversations. But for this, you need the expertise of AI professionals to build such dynamic bots. The chatbots developed by our established Machine Learning development agency streamline customer support services, boost engagement with them, and drive conversions.

You need an AI expert to perfectly blend the power of AI and human intelligence in a chatbot system to automate responses with utmost accuracy. AI-powered assistants enable engaging human-like conversations with your customers that align with their query tone and make them feel like they are talking to human agents. Thus, to map your customer journey faster and help them faster buying decisions, you can connect with us to build an emotionally intelligent chatbot to implement into your CRM.


Final Takeaway

In a nutshell, you need an AI-based dynamic agent to make conversations happen faster, self-solve customer queries and improve service response time. Implementation of a chatbot in CRM helps your customers reach you instantly and strike up a conversation anytime and anywhere such as via website, mobile app, email, and text messages.

Further, with the help of Chatbot, you can experience a rise in the total number of sales and better customer retention. Chatbots help in qualifying leads by providing them with meaningful information and clearing their confusion. It also encourages potential customers to make buying decisions by consistently sending them friendly follow-ups. Implementing Chatbots will certainly reduce your marketing efforts and maximize your returns. Thus, take a step forward and strive in the market by elevating your customers’ experience with your business.


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