What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your content for search results.

Does this definition confuse you? Let us explain it clearly.

Every day millions of people turn to search engines like Google to get their questions answered, shop for products, learn about the latest news and discover new things. Now imagine you have a business that sells caps and you want more customers. You may have a store in your local area but you want to grow your business. What you do instead of getting another store is you get a website. This website will be like your local store but online. Now once your website is ready you may think your customers will start coming in and you will make a great business. But this does not happen.

The reason is that it is not enough to have an online store, you have to invite people to come in. People cannot discover your store because they do not even know it exists. Therefore, you need to turn to search engine optimization to enable those interested in buying caps to find your website.

A website that practices good SEO is likely to be found in the first page of search results. Though we are going to talk about ranking factors in another blog, a high ranking is crucial for any website. Therefore, you may find there are other businesses selling caps and your website would need to compete against them.

Well, we hope this cleared up SEO basics for you.

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