Why to use WordPress

Why to Use WordPress to Develop your Business Website?

The WordPress statistics in 2022 make it clear why to use WordPress to create a website. As per W3Techs survey data, 43.2% of websites in the world use WordPress which is nearly 4% more than last year. Thus, it is absolutely worth using for your business too.


Not just that, WordPress 4.9 is the most downloaded CMS software in the world with more than 250 million downloads to date. The figures are huge! Isn’t it?


Thus, it is clear that WordPress is by far the most useful and immensely popular tool for web-building. WordPress (WP) is the number one web-building tool we have today. It is solely a free open-source content management system (CMS) or publishing software that is evolving continuously.


Although initially started as a blogging platform, it is now used for building business websites, e-commerce websites, and many others.


Why use WordPress to Build a Website?


Here, in this post, we will be discussing why you need to rely on this CMS platform totally to develop your first-ever website. This article tries to highlight all the good reasons for using WordPress for your website. So, without further ado, let’s begin with the fundamental features of this powerful CMS software.


1. Open-source CMS


The first and most important reason for loving this software is that it is an open-source CMS. This means you can modify or make any changes as needed.


It gives you the full authority to change website themes, install plugins, customize the appearance, and so on. Further, this open-source CMS provides immense opportunities to webmasters to add rich website features via plugins and increase its functionality.


2. It is Absolutely Free!


Since it is open-source software, creating a website using it requires no money. In particular, there are two ways you can use WordPress.org or CMS software for your website.


Firstly, you can have a self-hosted website using WP software where you have to incur a nominal cost on your hosting provider and domain name. Secondly, you can use the service of WordPress.com which provides you with fully-featured hosted solutions and domain names using the WP software.


Further, WordPress.com has several subscription-based plans which users can buy to get additional features, customized themes, plugins, and so on.


3. Reliable Platform for Your Website


WP’s share in the CMS market is 60% which is the highest and is followed by Joomla (5.2%). The credit for this staggering percentage share goes to the reliability and scalability factors.


Businesses, who are creating websites for the first time using this CMS tool, have immense faith and trust in this platform. Also, given the fact that giant brands like Sony Music, Disney Books, and Webgen Technologies are using WP, you can have peace of mind that your site is in safe hands.


4. It Makes Your Site SEO-friendly


SEO decides the fate of your business success online. Yes, it’s true!


Needless to say, WordPress has a great reputation for being SEO friendly. Because it has thousands of free themes and templates that are very easy to use and of course SEO-friendly.


Moreover, by providing you with easy built-in SEO plugin tools, it helps in improving your website’s performance. Yoast SEO is worth-considering because it has a free as well as a premium paid version. Yoast offers extensive features to optimize your web page easily.


5. Best for Making eCommerce Websites


Particularly, for e-commerce, WordPress is the ideal software and much more easy to use compared to other platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Wix. The best part here is you don’t need to start over from scratch to set up your e-commerce site.


If you have an existing site on WordPress, you can just auto-install WooCommerce and your shopping site is ready in minutes. WooCommerce is an open-source plugin that integrates perfectly into WP sites.


So, you can build exactly the eCommerce website you want with WordPress.


6. Customizer Backend


WordPress has a ready-made backend that enhances easy webpage management and customization.


Your website may have several web pages which require proper maintenance. With the WP customizer backend, you can easily manage your web pages even without any technical knowledge.


Whereas, Non-WordPress websites need more than one backend developer to manage and customize webpages which are also time-consuming. So, this is one major plus point of using WP for your website.


WordPress Advantages and Disadvantages


After discussing the key points of using WP for your website, let’s get into the details of the pros and cons of this dominant CMS. Like any other CMS, WP has its pros and cons. We will be reviewing them here too.


Following are the most important benefits of using WordPress for your website.


1) Convenient to Use


With its intuitive interface, it has become the easiest software to use. It is self-explanatory and can be learned in less time. Besides, adding images, new pages, blog posts, and others is super easy and can be done in just a few minutes.


It is the only CMS platform that offers flexibility to both types of users – technical experts and newbie developers.


2) Supports Multiple Business Websites


Technically, you can use WP software for any kind of project. With a broad range of free themes and demos available, you can give any form to your website depending on your business type.


You can use it for building e-commerce, e-learning, podcast, job portals, or for personal blog websites.


3) Security


WordPress helps you to strengthen your website’s security by fighting off bugs and eliminating potential threats. In addition to this, it also gives you other security and protection features like password integration to keep your folder contents safe.


4) Mobile Friendly


Having a responsive design for your website is a necessity, not a luxury anymore. A responsive design ensures that your website is compatible with all kinds of devices.


Be it a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, WordPress gives the same functionality and user experience to the viewers. Furthermore, its responsive plugins save time by making sure you don’t have to customize manually.


5) Manage From Any Part of the World


This leading CMS is browser-based. You can log in from any device and from anywhere and start managing your website. You just need an internet connection to log in and get going with the management part.


6) Multilingual


One astonishing thing about this content management platform is that it supports more than 150 languages globally. Although 71% of the content published through this platform is in the English language.


It is great to know that you can make use of other languages to reach worldwide.


7) Easy Integrations


This multipurpose software is evolving day by day by integrating tons of plugins, themes, and third-party tools. Apart from these, you can also incorporate other innumerable components such as widgets, payment gateway, email marketing software, Google Analytics, etc.


Again, easy and simple integrations of outside tools ensure your website operates smoothly and has scalability. However, no software in the world can give 100% satisfaction. Although there are not many, WP has some flaws.


Following are a few drawbacks of using WordPress for your website.


1) Requires Skill to Manage Bigger Projects


As said earlier in the post, a simple WordPress website can be developed even by a newbie with zero technical know-how. However, for a complicated website, you need technical expertise or the help of a best website design and development company.


The website development and maintenance process are quite challenging for customized big-sized projects.


2) Frequent Updates


Another negative point about WordPress is that it requires frequent updates on your site to keep working properly. However, updating frequently and installing several plugins can raise compatibility issues.


The website functionality gets hindered when you update and reinstall plugins very often. So, make sure to keep a backup of all your website data.


3) Vulnerability


Being an open-source CMS platform, it is always vulnerable to hackers. Therefore, implementing essential security measures is crucial to protect your website. To reduce such risks, you have to be careful while choosing any theme or plugin for your website.




In a nutshell, this article stated all the reasons why you should use WordPress to get your first website. It is free, easy to use, reliable, and offers countless other benefits that no other platform can ever provide.


Hope you can now understand why choosing this CMS platform for your website is the wisest decision to make. It doesn’t matter whether you’re creating your first website or a veteran developer.


WP made content management easy like never before. That’s why it powers over 40% of the web. If you’d like to give this software a try, then make sure you have a capable hosting provider.


Fortunately, Webgen Technologies has great web hosting plans that are tailored to the needs of WordPress users. Contact us for more information. Also, if you find this article helpful, let us know in the comment section below. Thank You!

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