SEO Friendly Website Design Brings More Business

SEO Friendly Website Design Brings More Business

Do you know around 250,000 websites are built worldwide in a day? Yes, you read it right!


With the steady rise in the number of businesses, it is vital that you create an SEO-friendly website design. Clearly, to beat the competition and win the race, you need an unparalleled website.


Branding is an integral part of every business and website design is one of the top elements of branding. The website has the power to leave long-lasting impressions in the minds of visitors. And, an SEO-friendly website development guarantees quick conversions.


In this post, you will get to know why SEO is important for every website and how to create one.


SEO Friendly Website Development can Skyrocket Your Sales


Making SEO friendly websites means designing and developing web pages to make them search engine friendly.


For instance, Google and other search engines will easily examine or crawl every web page. As result, it will interpret the content effectively, and index it in the search engine database quickly.


Below are examples of benefits why you should design your website SEO friendly.


1. Helps Bring Valuable and Organic Traffic


You can bring quality and quantity traffic to your website organically from search engines.


But this is only possible when your web pages rank on the first page of Google or other search engines. Also, you need to attract your potential clients i.e. the visitors with sure chances of becoming your paying customers.


An SEO friendly website design takes care of this by incorporating rich features, imagery, visual elements, or text that will appeal to your niche audience.  Consequently, you become more visible to your prospective buyers in the search results who are looking for your products or services.


2. Ensures That Visitors Stay on Your Web Page


In today’s age, whether you are running a small-scale business or a large enterprise, an official website is necessary to establish your brand’s credibility.


People are more inclined to visit your website before making a purchase so as to know your brand and understand your products. It is their primary and first source of information.


In such a scenario, imagine them landing on a poorly designed and developed website with a longer loading time.


Around 30% of your visitors are going to exit if they have to wait for 4 seconds for the page to load.


An expert SEO web designer possesses the skill to speed up your website’s loading time and keep the visitors engaged. Consequently, this doubles your traffic and raises your revenues.


3. Enhances User Experience


A responsive website design implies creating a website that can change its layout dynamically according to the device or screen size. For a smooth and seamless user experience, responsive design is a necessity!


If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you are going to lose genuine visitors. In addition to this, a poor navigation and browsing experience can be a major setback for your website performance.


Thus, to give a seamless and interactive experience to your users, you need to rely on an SEO friendly website design structure, that is suitable both on desktop and mobile. You should include rich user-friendly features, such as easy-to-navigate, consistent design, aesthetic visuals, legible text elements, etc.


4. It Impacts the Performance of Paid Ads

Investing in paid ads but not getting the desired results is one major problem business houses face. One of the key reasons for this is your absence of SEO implementation in your web design.

An SEO friendly website design integrates everything to increase your online visibility and makes sure nothing comes in the way between the ad click and your brand page.

SEO based landing page secures the ad clicker’s journey and increases your ROI significantly.


5. Increases the Conversion Rate

Attracting potential customers is one thing and “sealing the deal” with them is another. With an SEO friendly website development, you can achieve this without any hurdles. How?


An SEO web design increases your website’s conversion rate. It does so by ensuring that the high-quality organic traffic that you have drawn finally ends up taking up some action.


This could be anything from buying, wish listing, subscribing to your newsletter, to making a call. Hence, it is the job of an SEO expert to keep an eye on the visitors’ actions and further optimize the page so that not a single visit is wasted.


I hope, by now, you have understood the significance and seriousness of an SEO website in making your business a huge success. However, as a business owner, your task doesn’t end here. You need to seek the right kind of help and expert advice to create an SEO friendly website. So, here are some curated tips exclusively for you.


Essential Tips for an SEO Friendly Website Design Structure


  1. Appealing title tag: The Title tag appears on the search bar when someone enters a query. It lets your visitors know what your page entails. Also, incorporating keywords increases SEO effectiveness.
  2. Valuable and informative content: Focus on creating precise and useful content which will add value and help you build a strong customer base. Also, put keywords appropriately so that people find you easily when they perform searches.
  3. Website readability: Keep the design minimalistic and make proper use of images and videos. Maintaining a subtle color palette and optimum text font ensures the entire website goes easy on a visitor’s eyes.
  4. Internal linking: Internal linking sends signals to Google to consistently correlate one information to another relevant information and boost your page ranking. Additionally, it enables you to set an informational hierarchy for your web page.
  5. Include a blog section: An solely sales-centric and promotional website can be the cause of your website’s poor rankings. A website that serves the interests of the customers by providing useful information about your industry always ranks better and gives the visitors a reason to keep coming back to you.


Key Takeaway

Your website is the heart and soul of your business and its online presence is imperative to your brand’s growth. 


An SEO friendly website design amplifies your performance online and helps your potential buyers reach you in no time. If you’re still confused about how to make an SEO friendly website design structure, then let us help you!


At Webgen Technologies, we offer reliable and tailored website design and development solutions keeping in mind your brand’s requirements and crucial parameters for website development. our proficient team of web designers focuses primarily on SEO friendliness, easy navigation, and page-load time. You can reach out to us anytime to get started!

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