The Celebration of the Successful Journey – 8th Anniversary of Webgen Technologies


As we know that we have completed our 8 consecutive years into this IT-based service industry, Therefore we would like to take a moment of pride as we narrate the story of our journey towards the growth of us. So hold tight to your seats as we take you to a trip into the world of a flourishing IT company’s growth story.


Started with two designers in the year 2011, Webgen Technologies have come a long way into the web design and development business. The journey has not been an easy one. But it was nevertheless an adventurous rollercoaster ride – filled with endless learnings and growth.


Maturity and success did not come to us easily without a constant striving towards discipline from us. Our endeavour to excel at every step has made us evolve into a team of 34 in-house employees with marketing partners in Kuwait, Egypt and Singapore from a mere of 3 people on board in a small two-room office.


From delivering our first successful project in 2012,  as an IT company, we have been accomplishing a new milestone with each successive year. For instance, taking our first mobile application development project in 2013 and from there we did not turn back. We kept on adding of a few new products such as Betnesis , Hospital Management System, Travel Booking Applications, Cab Booking applications, eLearning Applications along with a few game application development into our long list of expertise.


Acknowledging our years of flourishing presence in the industry, as a moment of pride and gratitude for Webgen Technologies, our 8th anniversary celebrated on this 27th of August had to be a celebration of growth and excellence.


The team of in-house expert professionals in their respective domains gathered around on this happy occasion not just to honour the years of success together but to make a promise to continue to stick with each other through the moments of thick and thin. After all, that’s what a family does. And everyone in the company is a part of the WGT family.


As a word of conclusion, we would like to thank everyone who was involved in the making of the company Webgen Technologies and turning it into a success story. Naturally, as we enter into the new year for the company in the industry, we assure to continue our effort towards perfection over anything else. 


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