Common Mistakes to Avoid during Professional Website Designing and Development

In this digital age, a responsive website is quintessential to a flourishing business. Be it a large or a small business, every business needs to have an online presence to ensure adequate returns. A website is an easy and efficient way to achieve the same. 

Acknowledging the significance of a website for the smooth running of a business, no enterprise can afford to commit a mistake in the designing of the same. As each error can cost your business in a significant manner. Webgen Technologies brings you a list of Common Web Design Mistake to Avoid during Professional Website Development in 2019.

Common Mistakes to Avoid during Professional Website Designing and Development


Faulty or outdated design:

We are living in a rapidly changing world. As such, your website designed cannot be reflective of the era gone by. Attractive and updated website design is the need of the hour. It not only draws users, but it also makes your website look more professional and updated. 

Lack of Clarity:

A user is known to have a shorter attention span, which is why we have a whole theory of three-second-litmus test. As such, it is no brainer that a website that makes it user treasure hunt its purpose and services or product offered is deemed to fail miserably. A website should have a clear message for its users.

Absence of quality images:

Images make a dull book interesting. Similarly, engaging, relevant and select quality images are of exceptional aid in engaging users. However, while a good working website design necessitates good quality images, high-resolution images are to be avoided as they are responsible for slowing down your website.

Clutter Design:

It is great to have innovative ideas. However, too many innovative ideas implemented in one website can land your business in trouble. It is important to have a precisely designed website that imparts your message at a glimpse to your users rather than having a beautiful and yet cluttered design that leaves your website visitors dazzled and confused.

Navigational Failure:

Navigation failure is one of big web design mistake when you design a website. Nothing is a big turn off than having a navigational failure while visiting a website. It is similar to a road map to your website. A smooth navigational website not only ensures satisfactory user experience but also enhances Google rankings of your website. It further increases the bouncing rate of a website.

Site Isn’t Optimized for Mobile:

A business that misses observing the growing influence of mobile as a medium for marketing and an integral part of businesses online are sure to face some setbacks. With the increasing numbers of mobile users, every website needs to ensure that they are compatible and are optimized not only for computers but for mobile phones as well.

Presence of Broken Link:

It is a huge turn off for a user to click on a link only to land on a 404 error page. It is important for website designers to ensure that the URL address is correctly updated before changing the existing URL and so.

Slow Site Loading Times:

We live in a world that has everything but time to spare. In such a world, you cannot expect your user to sit back and wait while your website takes ages to load. It is for this reason that a website that takes more than 2-5 seconds is considered slow. Thus, test your website on different platforms to ensure that it is fast loading and is compatible with all platforms.

Canonicalization Problem:

Having multiple URLs for the same page can lead to canonicalization issues. This can further indicate duplicity of content which is not good for the image of your website. Further, it can also affect your Google ranking.

Too Many Textures and Colours:

Too many textures and colours are disturbing for the eyes of a user of your website. Further, each colour signifies a specific message. Hence, multiple colours used in your website imparts confusing message to your users, leaving your website looking less professional and chaotic.

Call To Actions Missing:

This is the most important feature of your website as this ensures the conversion of your visitors into your customers. Further, you do not want your potential customers to waste their time looking for your call to action button as this can lead to increased bounce rate and eventual loss of customers.

Security Issues And Certification Problem:

Security Issues And Certification Problem of a website reflects badly on your business. It tends to lower down the trust of your users on your website and eventually on your business.


Hence, are few of the common web design mistake that you should avoid in 2019 to ensure that you receive the expected results from your website.


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