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Blockchain Technology in Web Development

Blockchain technology has been revolutionizing multiple industries around the world. Now, it’s time that we recognize the potential of blockchain technology in the web development industry as well.

 In fact, “how to use blockchain technology in web development” is one of the trending questions in the industry.

However, before plunging into the findings of whether or not blockchain technology is beneficial when implemented, let’s know its definition first. 

What is Blockchain Technology?

It is a digital public ledger that stores and encrypts data or information in a safe, secured, decentralized manner. The records are digitally distributed across a large network of servers instead of a central server. 

Thus, it becomes impossible to delete, copy, move, modify, or hack any data or records from the system. 

It is a system structure that stores data (also known as the block) in multiple databases (referred to as a chain) in a secure network with a peer-to-peer connection. 

In simpler language, it is like a Google doc or spreadsheet where data are recorded, stored, and shared among multiple computers.

However, the primary difference is that, unlike Google docs, you cannot modify, copy or remove data, thus making it tightly secured.

Why Use Blockchain Technology in Web Development?

With the proper implementation of this Blockchain technology in web development, you can create more interactive websites. 

Moreover, blockchain application in web development provides a secure web infrastructure to conduct business activities. 

By using this technology, web developers can integrate features like payments and wallets into websites safely. 

Most importantly, with too many access checks and approval systems, it becomes impossible to tamper with the website data.

Blockchain Technology in Web Development

Benefits of Using Blockchain Technology in Web Development

This decentralized public ledger has manifold advantages which even a few years ago people couldn’t have thought of. 

The adoption of blockchain is indispensable considering the preeminent roles it offers to industries across the globe. 

1. Eliminates the Dependence on a Single Server

Centralized servers of the traditional internet protocols can have complete access to the user’s information.

Whereas, the blockchain-enabled website uses blockchain protocols and algorithms to make it individually encrypted,  reliable, and protected.

Besides, by utilizing the network of computers called nodes to store information, it eliminates the dependency on a single server.

Eventually, there will be no single point of error. That makes the website error-free and provides complete availability despite up-gradation or failures.

2. Provides a Safe Environment

Since the website developed is based on blockchain technology, it is naturally safe and secure for the users. 

It ensures the transparency and immutability of the user’s data stored on the site.

Most importantly, it prevents data breaches, which is also one of the advantages of blockchain technology.

3. Enables Complete Charge to Users

Users of a blockchain-enabled website can readily access the data at any point in time.

The data is stored on the nodes and not on a centralized server.

Hence, it ensures complete user control and privacy.

4. Immutable Records

The immutability feature of blockchain technology in the web development processes enables industries to keep their data or records safe when updated on the system.

Hence, no individual user can alter or delete updated information without the consent of the other users.

Sectors such as financial and banking systems, healthcare, real estate, and more use this technology to enhance transparency and accountability of the data.

5. Excludes Intermediaries

Presently, most websites depend on payment gateways such as Google, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and others, to facilitate transactions.

These act as intermediatory among the users. However, the blockchain-enabled website completely eliminates the need for an intermediary.

It facilitates transfer among peers solely when the protocols’ conditions are fulfilled.

Now, let’s unveil the central question of this blog viz, how to use blockchain in the website.

Ways of Using Blockchain Technology in Web Development

Harnessing the power of blockchain in any created website is viable for a front-end developer even without the knowledge of every aspect of the technology, such as blocks, transactions, asymmetric keypair, and more.

But before going forward with building a blockchain-operated web, the developer should install two dependencies, namely, NodeJs and Ethereum Node service.

These are required for running the website that we create and establishing a connection to the blockchain sequentially. Besides, blockchain web development on Ethereum is more manageable when tried.

The creation of a blockchain-enabled website includes four key elements viz, Web App, API, Middleware, and Database.

While Webapp is nothing but a generic web interface that any website developer is familiar with, one can access the API and install libraries from Node.Js.

Similarly, smart contracts can serve the process of middleware in the process while the database is referred to as the data storage facility of the blockchain itself.

Besides, building a blockchain-enabled website may further require the developer to acquire knowledge of RIDE (Waves programming language). 

Wrapping Up

The impact of blockchain applications in crucial sectors like finance, health, insurance, etc. has been immense.

Hope you have understood the importance as well as benefits of using blockchain in web development. This promising technology has enabled businesses to securitize and streamline their operations.

Other industries should also not lag behind in experimenting with it and analyzing the results and benefits.

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