How Augmented Reality Is Transforming the Face of eCommerce Industry?

Do you own an e-commerce site? Read this article to know the essentials for the success of the e-commerce site in 2020.

E-commerce sites, in the recent past, have emerged as one of the most effective selling tools for businesses around the globe. With every company using it to increase their sales, the market has encountered an upsurge in the competition. Greater focus on UX and UI to increase traffic to their sites and eventually their sales have resulted in the adaptation of various novel technologies to make the experience on their e-commerce site for their users convenient and accessible, apart from increasingly engaging. Inclusion of augmented reality in the e-commerce sites is an effort in the same line.

However, the question remains, the buzz around augmented reality transforming the face of the e-commerce industry, does it hold any validation in 2020? Let’s find out. 

Although, before plunging straight onto the question, let us first understand, “What is augmented reality?”


Augmented Reality

Popularly used in traveling apps and games, augmented reality enables an interactive experience of a real-world to the users enhanced through computer-generated perceptual information.


How is Augmented Reality transforming the face of e-commerce industry?


  • Smaller error margin:

E-commerce sites often lose on customers owing to the inability to support the customers to touch the product and know the size and other necessary factors of the same. The clients fail to determine if a home decor matches the rest of the furniture or the color of the shoe goes with their specific dress. AR technology changes all of that by placing 3D models of the product in the real environment with the help of computerized perceptual information. That, in turn, reduces return and error complaints.


  • Personalized experience with trial facility:

Unlike traditional e-commerce sites, AR facilities implemented in the same empowers the customers to try and test a virtual representation of the product before purchasing. That increases the UX of the site by saving the data of the customer’s purchasing habits, enabling the company to create a personalized experience for the consumer while also strengthening the trust of the buyers.


  • Transparency Delivery:

With the introduction of AR technology in e-commerce sites, the customers can make better-informed decisions. AR helps them to understand what are they buying and reduces the chances of error. AR implemented e-commerce sites provides greater transparency to their customers as compared to the shopping sites without augmented reality technology. Further, heightened clarity on the products is known to boost the sales of the same.


Hence, are the few of the noted ways in which augmented reality might change the whole face of the e-commerce industry. However, with the advancement taking place in technology, many more developments in the line of UX enhancement can be expected.

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