Why do SEO & Web Design need to be Done Simultaneously?

The most common mistake that most website owners make is to hire a website developer initially and only after the website is out in the market, do they remember to hire an SEO manager for the same. However, since SEO is a crucial factor of monetizing a website, building the same per the SEO requirements is sure to serve the business better.

Considering the same, Webgen Technologies brings you the list of reasons for you to consider doing SEO & Web Design both simultaneously. 


Reasons to do SEO and Web design side by side:


  • Enhances Site Architecture:

Creating website architecture, along with SEO, ensures that your website design is as per the rules and requirements of search engines. That assures better traffic to the same. Further, SEO guarantees that the site architecture is simple and easy to understand.


  • Ensures High-Quality Content:

Search engines penalize website that has defectively written content, irrespective of how many keywords are they using. SEO ensures that your website content is of high-quality and relevant to your targeted audience.


  • Optimizes website navigation with better Sitemaps:

Websites irrespective of being attractive fails to sustain or retain audiences. Complicated site maps are one of the reasons for higher bounce rate at a website. SEO ensures that your website has the easy-to-understand and highly optimized website navigation.


  • Secures High-Quality External Links:

Search engines determine the quality of a website by the number of links from other websites. However, these external links require to be high-quality. That might need the web to add or delete some pages and so. Performing SEO simultaneously along with website design, save the time and effort of the website developer and owner alike, by ensuring high-quality external links while developing the website.


The above-stated points make it reasonable as in why is it recommendable for companies to consider doing SEO and web designing concurrently. Considering the same, finding a website developer who holds experience in doing SEO for the same such as Webgen Technologies is the choicest option for a companies success. 


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