Video Marketing Tips for Conversions

Top Corporate Video Marketing Tips for Instant Conversions

Do you make corporate videos for your brand? Do you want instant video marketing tips for conversions? Then you are at the right place. 

Fix this on your office wall – video marketing is a must for your brand. Do you know that more than a billion people use YouTube? That’s 1/3rd of all internet users.

It shows the growing importance of video marketing. The reason is simple – you get more views, shares, and likes.

So, here are a few video marketing tips for 2022 you must try!

Make Simple and Short Videos for Your Audience

People love watching a one-minute video more than a two-minute one. So, keep your videos short. 

It shouldn’t be longer than a minute. Better if you can punch everything in a 30-second strip. 

Long boring video content will make your audience fall asleep! Besides, keep your videos simple. 

Use everyday sentences that engage your viewers. One word of caution – don’t translate text contents into video formats. 

Focus on the Benefits That Customers Will get From Watching the Video

Nobody wants to watch a dull presentation. A monotonous voice talking about your product will put off your viewers. 

So, keep it interesting. Better, highlight how it can solve a problem. Of course, show the benefits of your product or service.

But keep it close to the pain points of your audience. You can show how an on-demand healthcare app helps to book a doctor in minutes.

Mix ‘n’ Match Content and Visuals For the Best Results 

Do you want the most sublime corporate promotional video production tips? Then, mix ‘n’ match content and visuals for the best effect. 

Any corporate video design should reflect your brand’s charisma. Whatever style you choose, ensure it’s consistent across video links. 

Choose colors and visuals that bring your vision to life. Then, follow it up with stunning content. You will receive instant feedback and kudos for your effort.

Don’t Use Your Videos Only On Your Website – Use The Right Channels 

You create videos to market your products and services. That’s why don’t keep them hanging inside your website. 

Let them propagate your message loud and clear. So, use the right channels for maximum exposure. 

Also, optimize your video before uploading them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Check the video’s title, description, and call to action.

Engage Your Audience With an Intriguing Introduction and Conclusion

Do you know that 40% of viewers don’t watch videos till the end? Besides, most viewers watch only the introduction and the conclusion. 

Your audience wants to know what’s in it for them. So, if you are not engaging your viewers, you are signing your death warrant. 

Make your introduction entertaining to hook your audience. Start revealing the mystery and mesmerize them with your presentation. 

After that, follow up with a confident conclusion to wrap things up. 

Your conclusion must contain a strong call to action. Make it interesting to captivate your viewers. 

Don’t Ignore Keywords – They Are Important For Promoting Your Content

Optimizing your content with keywords is important. Please don’t expect to hit the beehive because your video was interesting. 

You need to use relevant keywords to get past the post. So, use keywords wisely inside your video. 

Ensure that keywords are there in the content, headlines, and descriptions. You can consult keywords tools from SEMrush, or Ahrefs to get better results.

Track Your Results From Dusk to Dawn

Hard work pays, and you need to track your results. Use Google Analytics to evaluate your performance. 

You can skim down the likes, shares, profits, and referrals through it. 

You can count the number of views your videos get and track the cost.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Using social proof is one of the best video marketing tips for 2022. A study states that 50% of customers find references useful. 

There are many ways to do it. For instance, you can show likes and comments. But please ensure that they are informative and valuable. 

You can offer video testimonials for your services. 

A Simple SEO Strategy can Work Wonders for Your Video Content

SEO isn’t only about websites and blog posts. You can take some useful steps to be visible on YouTube. 

For example, use a gorgeous headline to attract your audience. Next, you can use tags with proper keyword variations. 

Also, create engaging thumbnails that promote your brand. 

Now Try it Yourself

Now it’s time to use these corporate promotional video production tips. While some tips will require a professional touch, there are others you can start right now. 

However, consult an experienced professional for the best results.

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