10 Major Mistakes That PHP Developers Need to Avoid

10 Major Mistakes That PHP Developers Need to Avoid

PHP is an open-source scripting language mostly used by developers to build websites. It is favored most by devs because of its robust nature and multi-platform support.

PHP is also called general scripting and server-side language because you need a server to run PHP code.

Its popularity is credited to its multi-stage framework and convenience. Although it is a widely-used language for websites and web apps, a lot can go wrong in the development phase. Therefore, the developers must know the common pitfalls to avoid.

And when you hire PHP developers from a renowned top web development agency, chances are rare for these things to happen. They have profound knowledge and expertise, which minimizes the chances of any loopholes. However, it’s good to acquire knowledge of these mistakes in advance.

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10 Commonly Made Mistakes in PHP Development

Knowing the common potential mistakes beforehand will prevent the developers from committing them and spending hours debugging. So, here are 10 common mistakes that PHP developers need to be careful about.


Forgetting to Remove the Configuration File

Evacuating the arrangement advancement record immediately after developing the site can lead to severe security issues. It welcomes hackers by making information easily accessible. Therefore, experts always suggest disposing of the application or site dev.php.

Otherwise, developers can also keep their PHP settings in their facilitating accounts. This ensures all the records are private and secure.


Neglecting URLs Rewrite

In PHP programming, one common issue that is ignored by most devs is not fixing the unclear and illegible URLs. For instance, it is really hard to understand URLs like this – myapp.com/index.php?p=34&g=24 . Moreover, this type of link is no more acceptable in modern times.

Considering the difficulty in writing good URLs, many frameworks provide rewriting clean URL guides like Laravel, Symfony, Phalcon, and Zend. URL revision is a basic criterion in the PHP development realm as a security condition. Besides, it makes your site SEO friendly.


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Disabling The Error Reporting

PHP has an in-built blunder highlighting function – E_All that every dev needs to use to ensure that programming is error-free. The error highlighting features thoroughly scans for errors in your program to highlight even the slightest of blunders committed from the developer’s end.

Disabling the E_All feature reports all the errors and guarantees that all the errors are fixed. Further, this PHP function helps developers identify codes vulnerable to malicious attackers. It reveals the code details in advance to help devs understand and fix them.


Not using Database Caching

Caching is the process of storing information in a memory file on the server, which helps the page load faster. It eliminates the need for retrieving data each time anyone clicks the URL. You can use any type of cache content, such as data records, HTML, images, etc.

Database caching in PHP can help reduce page generation time. This is the reason database caching is recommended using a common caching system like Memcached. Using cache further improves app performance and enhances user experience.


Using MySQL extension 

This extension is insecure, outdated, and doesn’t support SSL. Therefore, it makes no sense to use it for web development in PHP. Most developers commit this mistake of choosing MySQL extension because it is officially deprecated.

When you use this extension, a notice of deprecation is displayed at the top of the site or application, which anyone can access from Google and misuse it. Other best alternatives that are currently trending are PDO and MySQLi.


Forgetting to validate cookie data

Accepting cookies on the website is a very common action by visitors because it seems harmless. People trust your website and hence do not think about data misuse while they share information. However, when you are making a website, you should ensure to validate cookies.

Not validating the cookies can bring serious consequences by exposing your code and potentially hurting your website. It also causes security threats and data misuse.


Not Encrypting Session IDs

Unprotected session IDs are a major PHP security blunder by PHP developers. It is the same as passing out information about login credentials to hackers. Encrypting your session IDs, such as usernames and passwords, is essential in order to keep users’ sensitive information safe. PHP devs can add an extra layer of security to session IDs by adding a Sha1 hash password to login pages.


Not setting proper time limits on PHP script

Not setting an exact execution time required for a PHP script and assuming that it will finish on time can lead to the programmer’s inefficiency. Software engineers think the PHP script with completed at the scheduled time. However, this slip-off can make your programming messier and extend the timeline further. Hence, in order to make prepared moves, one should always set the time limit on the PHP script.


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Misplacing Semicolons

Statement in PHP programming language ends with a semicolon, implying that instruction ends here. Hence, missing a semicolon or misplacing it in the PHP statement can lead to website devastation.

If one does not end a statement with a semicolon, it will consider the statement to be incomplete and will continue till the next semicolon. Syntax errors occur mainly due to these silly mistakes committed from a developer’s side. Missing semicolons lead to inconclusive and unresolved results. During code execution, it is treated as an empty statement.


Using headers

Modification of headers is not possible after you send the final header block to the client. Therefore, one can avoid this easily by excluding the closing tag in your PHP code. Developers commit this mistake often by putting white space in an incautious manner at the end of the file.


Final Note

If web developer becomes aware of these development mistakes, it would be easy for them to deal with actual problems that arise during coding. By learning from these mistakes, they can become more efficient in building secure applications and websites.

The ease of use of the PHP language has created a misconception among developers and created a false sense of confidence. If you want to use this leading scripting language for creating a website, hire developers in India and get access to top-qualified PHP developers. Have any questions? Connect with us now.

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