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15 Popular Mobile App Development Trends in 2022

The mobile app development trends in 2022 are going to transform business models and make a more promising future. 

We didn’t even realize when smartphones became our favorite companions. Our increasing reliance on mobile apps has compelled businesses to use innovative approaches.  

Therefore, considering the speed at which the mobile app industry is evolving, developers must keep a track of the latest technology trends so as to thrive. 

This post is for the purpose of enlightening business firms about the rising trends that are going to shape the future of mobile app development. 

The List of 15 Mobile App Development Trends in 2022

If you are thinking of launching a new app, you need to follow these trends to deliver a user-friendly and seamless app. 

On the other hand, businesses with existing apps must try to amalgamate these latest trends to give users a better interactive experience.

1. 5G Technology

5G is the latest advancement in cellular communication. It ensures improved network capacity, connection density, and lower latency.

Of course, it goes without saying that the speed will be faster than 4G LTE. It will increase by 100 times. 

Another surprising change that 5G will bring is the reduction in latency from 200 milliseconds to a straight 1 millisecond. 

This upgradation in this wireless technology will help mobile app developers to build faster-performing and more responsive apps. 

Further, it paves the path for developing transformative and ingenious applications with easy integration of AR and VR. 

2. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Initially, AR and VR were more relevant in the video and gaming arenas. However, it is gradually but effectively permeating the mobile app world. 

No wonder mobile apps enable businesses to operate in a tangible way. And, with AR and VR they can now provide a more immersive and realistic experience to their customers.

Moreover, big brands have already integrated these two game-changing technologies into their apps and the buyers are happy with the results. 

Firms like IKEA allow potential customers to see through the app how furniture will look in their home space. 

Similarly, Loreal helps its users to know how a cosmetic product will look on them before purchasing.

3. Blockchain Technology

Besides being one of the greatest trends in the software development industry, Blockchain is restructuring the mobile app-building process.

The introduction of decentralized databases eliminates the need for a gatekeeper or a central service provider. Therefore, the chances of data misuse or loss of security minimize. 

Thus, making apps with mobile wallets and supply chain management has become easy with Blockchain. 

This pioneering technology assures that your transactions, shared docs, and data stay intact and untraceable. 

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning(ML)

The deployment of AI and ML has advanced the business process of operations. Two years back, we couldn’t have imagined getting medical treatment through a video call. 

Not only the healthcare sector benefitted, but also the banking, finance, IT and entertainment industries reached a new level. 

From face recognition to introducing biometric technology in payment apps, Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning solutions have altogether made the lives of people easier and safer.  

Further, Google uses AI in Maps to suggest and recommend the best routes to users and optimize fuel consumption. 

5. Beacon Technology

This is another new technology in mobile application development that is redefining customer service. 

Beacon helps businesses connect with the people nearby through their mobile apps and provide them with a better experience. 

This technology uses Bluetooth to send signals to your customers’ phones when they enter your store. 

Retail stores, hotels, healthcare, etc. are integrating these smart technology into their apps to serve their customer better. 

Thus, they can now get all the information about the latest offers, prices, and promotions at their fingertips and enjoy hassle-free checkout at stores. 

6. Wearables 

Recently, wearables like Smartwatches and Airpods/Airdopes have gained immense popularity, especially among the youth.

Wearable technology has encouraged gadget manufacturers to develop more personalized and insightful apps. 

For example, fitness-based apps monitor your everyday activities and trigger warnings in case anything seems odd. It does so by counting steps, measuring BP, analyzing, sleep patterns, and so on.

Furthermore, smart jewelry, smart glasses, bracelets, earbuds, etc are also providing exceptional digital experiences to its users. 

7. On-demand Apps

Today, we rely heavily on on-demand apps to sustain our daily lifestyles.

Moreover, firms can scale faster by building on-demand apps for their customers.  

Ordering online and getting things delivered at home were once a luxury. However, now it has become a necessity.

Whether it is a food or grocery delivery, local cab service, hotel booking, or laundry service; on-demand apps are definitely worth an investment. 

8. Voice Technology 

It has become the most sought-after trend in the mobile app industry. Why? Because users love the touchless interface. 

For those who hate typing, voice search is a rescuer. Also, it makes their browsing experience hands-free and pleasant.

Online shoppers, through voice technology, seek the help of shopping consultants and find the best deal. 

9. Foldable Devices

Well, flip phones are back but with a more sophisticated look and features like that of smartphones. 

This comes as a challenge to the developers as they have to create apps that are responsive and expand as the screen folds and unfolds.  

Fortunately, foldable hardware tech has made it possible to build uniform apps that function flawlessly on any screen size. 

10. Internet of Things or IoT

The power of the Internet has exceeded our expectations with intelligent devices coming to the light.

With IoT tech, you can control home appliances like lights, fans, ovens, etc while you are away. 

Furthermore, IoT has made the dream of self-driven automobiles a reality. 

11. Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is transforming the education system by providing an interactive experience to learners. 

Additionally, companies are also making use of mobile learning apps to train their employees. 

Also, there has been an increase in rates of course completion and knowledge retention through mobile learning.

12. Cloud Apps

The soaring popularity of cloud apps has made it clear that it is to stay forever. With this, the future of cloud application development seems more brighter and positive. 

It is, in fact, the most inexpensive solution for businesses and service providers. 

They leverage this technology to make apps with efficient infrastructure and hybrid solutions.

13. Chatbots

Chatbots is another worth-mentioning mobile app trend that is used to enhance customer support.

Chatbot technology provides more personal and interactive responses to human queries. It has multiple benefits in business. 

Firstly, it solves customers’ queries 24/7. Secondly, it handles huge traffic volumes on mobile apps that manpower generally cannot. 

Last but not least, chatbots trigger sales by helping with lead qualifying. Through a continuous Q/A session, it helps you to understand which leads to pursue and which not to. 

14. Games and Entertainment

Games, as well as entertainment, offer a great escape from reality. This is why users love spending time on these things.  

Integration of AI, AR, and VR has made games and entertainment applications more fun and immersive.

Therefore, Mobile app developers are looking forward to more such improvements in mobile app technology. 

15. Mobile Wallets

Modern consumers seek cashless transaction options on every app they use. 

Digital wallets like ApplePay, GPay, PayPal, etc. ensure users make payments in a secure and convenient manner. 

Moreover, increasing demands for digital wallets have also made businesses integrate safe payment options in their apps. 

Future of Mobile App Development and New Technology Trends

The above-mentioned points highlight the new developments in mobile apps in 2022. In fact, these trends have brought a wave of change to the market.

Altogether, users are now able to interact with an app in a way we never imagined before. 

However, like any other industry, it is also evolving and discovering new things constantly. 

So, we also need to keep an eye on the new technology in mobile application development.

Closing Thoughts

These mobile app development trends in 2022 have allowed business organizations to provide a better and all-new kind of customer experience. 

By hiring a mobile app development company in Kolkata, you can get cost-effective mobile apps tailored to your business needs. 

Also, don’t forget to share this post with your entrepreneur friends who might be thinking of developing an app soon. Thank you!

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