Benefits of Google My Business For small Businesses

Have you often find yourself wondering what makes Google list a few companies on their maps and searches for the local business, concerned? Are you tired of implementing varied SEO techniques but never seems to attain better rankings in Google local 3-Pack?


Each entrepreneur, be it the owner of a thriving business or that of a start-up, had these questions once in their mind. However, getting listed on google maps is now easier than ever. Following a simple trick can make your work a lot easier.


Yes, you heard us right. Furthermore, the trick mentioned above is nothing but getting yourself registered in the free-to-use Google My Business platform. 


However, we acknowledge the fact that you might find it hard to believe until we back what we say with some reasoning. So to reason it out better, we at Webgen Technologies, have sorted out a list of benefits. We believe that a small business can avail these by making smart use of free-to-use Google My Business platform. 


Benefits of Google My Business For small Businesses – 


Visibility on Google Maps Searches:

Unlike earlier times, people now do not go looking for a service provider when they require a service. Instead, people now prefer to Google search for everything they need. Here is where Google My Business can help your company. It enables users to instantly see the nearby service providers for the specified service they need. Having your business listed on the same enables the users to see how close you are, which in turn, increases the chance of them visiting your store.


Easy access to Google Local 3-Pack:

Google My Business further, enhances your chances of being listed among the Local 3-pack of Google. Securing a spot in Google’s Local 3-pack facilitates the possibilities for your business to show up before organic results.


Build Customer Trust:

One of the most powerful benefits of Google My Business is built your customer trust. Google necessitates for every business to go through a thorough process before being listed on Google My Business. It includes multiple steps of verification that ensure that the interests of the users are secured and the businesses listed under Google My Businesses are trustworthy and are reliable.


Rating is significant for your business:

Ratings and reviews play an eminent role for any business in the contemporary market scenario as they are the testimonies of the reliability of a business. Ratings and reviews do nothing but convey to a fresh user that others have taken the service provided by this particular provider, and this is what they should expect from it. Hence, the star rating feature of Google My Business promotes the user’s trust in a brand.


Enhance Traffic and Sales:

  Considering the fact that Google My Business facilitates the visibility of business at multiple levels, which includes visibility on Google+, better ranking on searches and maps, and so on. It is not difficult to conclude that it also assists businesses in facilitating their traffic and sales.


Analyse your business better:

Every enterprise depends on the better usage of the data derived about their particular business. Google My Business enables the users with the prospect of learning more about their business – what works for the business, customer behaviour, with the feature of the analytic tool in the “Insights” section of the same.


Better SEO ranking:

Google necessitates any business to provide quality, consistent, and accurate information about itself to ensure higher ranking in the Search and Maps results. Google My Business is the best way to do so as it anyway requires you to supply apt information about your business for the purpose of verification.


Facilitate Engagement:

Google My Business profiles come with multiple call-to-action options such as accessing your website or call you in one tap or click or with the facility to reserve a table or book an appointment directly through your listing. That enhances users engagement.


Access to the additional feature of Google Ads:

Google My Business comes with an additional feature of a form of fast and free advertising on Google. Unlike SEO and paid ads, it is time-efficient for the optimization of your business profile.


Get an edge on your competitors:

Google My Business profiles enable the users to know a bit about your business, which in turn, sets your business apart from that of your competitors. 


Hence, are the benefits of getting your business on Google My Business. Need assistance in setting up your Google My Business profile? Contact Webgen Technologies today. We hold a reputation in building professional Google My Business profiles that are sure to facilitate your ROI.

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