Latest Trends in Web Development To Follow in 2020

With companies turning to the digital platform to attract a wide range of audiences present online, websites have become an integral part of every business. Companies are spending their huge chunk of time and money in creating the aptest websites for their businesses to earn better ROI from the same.

Beside with multiple companies trying to get a firm grip on this growing marketing platform, the trends in the web development world are in constant flux. That makes it tricky for any company to remain outdated on the latest development in this sector. To enhance their ROI apart from customer acquisition and retention, companies require to keep themselves updated on the trends prevailing in the market.

Considering which The Webgen Technologies brings you a list of latest trends in the world of Web Development To Follow in 2020:


  • AI and Chatbots: Chatbots, AI and Machine learning are an efficient and effective way of enhancing customer service. This automated software is less expensive as compared to hiring human resources for 24/7 customer service and also time-efficient as they provide an instant solution to minor customer grievances.


  • VR/ AR: Companies are focused on providing heightened and varied experiences to their customers. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the most efficient way of attaining the same.


  • IoT: A system of interrelated devices to the internet, used for enhancing efficiency and accuracy of various gadgets to heighten customer experience, the Internet of Things is creating more transcendent strides in the industry.



  • Progressive web apps: Endowed with the advantage of both the web browsers and apps, progressive web apps are web pages that have the feature of a mobile app. Companies are turning towards the development and implementation of progressive web apps to drive more traffic and provide better user experience to their customers.



  • Blockchain: A growing list of records that collects and validates data, Blockchain consist of a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data. Companies are tending towards blockchain implementation as it provides security of the data collected. Apart from enhancing the management of financial transactions, it also expedites trading and settlement of transactions, cross-border payments and end-to-end traceability of the supply chain.



  • Push notification: The implementation of the option of push notifications by businesses in their official websites enhances the benefits of higher engagement, more visits, and better sales on the part of the enterprises while improving the overall experience for the user as he gets to decide if he wants to receive these messages or not.



  • Voice-Enabled Navigation: Voice-Enabled Navigation implemented in websites by different companies is an effort in the line of enhancing user experiences and intensifying customer service by the same. This user-independent software makes the whole navigational process throughout a website easy and convenient for a user.



  • SEO-Driven Content Creation: SEO-Driven Content Creation are still going to enjoy more prominent influence in the industry in 2020. With companies realising the advantage of SEO-Driven Content, this trend is here to stay.       



These are just a few of the prominent trends that are going to rule the industry in the coming year as is predicted by the expert in-house web developers at the Webgen Technology. To stand at par in this ever-evolving age, every company has to keep itself abreast with the growing leaning in the same. Finding a professional website development company in Kolkata to do it for you is just the thing your company requires when you are looking for an efficient way to success. 

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